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I'm just saying that this is how I that was actually a big stuff so far situations or yeah. Yeah. I think it makes us who wears jeans to attend podcast with no guest. I've been in these exact joggers for three days. All right three days. I know things if we had a celebrity or something, obviously, we'd be put together to the nines. But we're not why would like to the sevens. I want to go to the phone lines will. Yeah. Because you don't get the makeup done. But let's just personal preference. Okay. Moving on. Now. What are we talking about a little tangent? Is there anything else in the Instagram early wanted us? No, I guess not. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, let's transition to our award ceremony where we will crown the funniest comment and the best clapback of the week. Let's do it. Let's do it. So I we're gonna name you our two nominations for funniest I also think there should be a way where maybe we could nominated ahead of time via stories, and we could see who voted. Oh. And then just read instead of doing Estrade. No, no, we should talk about both. But I would love to get the more involved. Let us know what you think about that. If you'd like to vote on the funniest come of the week. Yeah. I feel you don't amongst us as much about the podcast anymore in the beginning. That so many opinions makes me so sad. You think they don't I don't know? Maybe we're just getting too good at it. We got a lot of inboxes about saying about the foster sisters. Yeah. People like them they were. So I mean, they were the best. Okay. So two options funniest number one Halsey captioned the picture of herself, thirty degrees Fahrenheit and John Mayer Commons. That's to seventy six point four three Kelvin's for you, thermal nuts. I don't know. Why thermal not just got me? I mean, it's the most John comment out. Right. It's the most John Kamen ever to look it up. Get the exact number. I wouldn't even be surprised if he just like knew that. Off the top of the head like he was able to convert celsius to Kelvin. And he's like what you can't what the fuck sa- Kelvin zero Kelvin as the coldest thing. Something can be right. I remember that. I think let me tell you how much money paid for my physics. I've no idea about this. I don't is that physics or like anything inside that science, right? Yeah. I think zero like I don't think we've ever achieved zero coven. Second funny is common. So Ryan Reynolds who has been incredibly active recently. And we appreciate your dedication post. A picture of him showing that he spent his birthday voting and Papa troll comments voting his possum capital W, and he response at patrol get outta my head patrol and take your damn theme song with you. I know that seems it's catchy shit. What's not love about Ryan and trouble, interacting, Instagram? Nothing music. Just him being a dad and it's the best fucking hot, dad. You know, how I feel? I know I'm really high up there for me in terms of hot dad's or just in general, even if he wasn't a dad, but the dad thing, obviously, the dad thing elevates it to the next level. When I think about John stay most of the sun don't talk about it. I can't and he loves him so much that video of him on Kelly and Ryan crying. He's like literally he's on Killian Ryan he's being interviewed like talking about like how a door is. And and John civil starts crying. And she's like not like tearing like walling. And she. What? And he was like, oh, it's just I just realized the longest I've ever been away from him. Do we? I got to be honest with you have an orgasm. She's like the fuck. Yeah. God damn it. No, I know sexy. So's XY all these Hollywood dads is one way to make guy so much more active advocate and be good to that kid. I think John's wins just because I've never seen the patrol themes. God. It's catchy if wrong. And no, I mean, I think you would still choose John. But who would you choose? I think to go with Ryan I disagree. No. It's not that. We can go with right on this one. I trust you. I'll play for you later. Okay. Congratulations. Ryan Reynolds, you are the recipient of this week's funnies comment and the hot data word. I'm not avoid of the year..

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