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Tom one five FM seven twenty eight K dawn, the talk of Las Vegas, the opinions of the host Saad. Katie WN are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station, its management, or Beasley Media Group. Welcome to the boxing fan, but firm with the hall of fame boxing referee, Joe Cortez and Tojo's Johnson. For all. Guys. Joe cortez? Favor firm show here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Boxing, capital of the world with my co-host. John Zimba, Joe Cortez here. John's Immel, yes, sir. Again, another great week of boxing is says started early this week early. But nothing really to to take allow notice me that's not really much happening in boxing, the next couple of weeks until the big was coming up a bevy end November. They took a little break for November because October got so, you know, so exciting. So he did they knew we had to cool off. So they gave us give US November which I appreciate the boxing. God's doing that for us. And then now December December starts off with a bang right away with you know, fearing wilder December. And then you go, you know, you got Loma chango fighting you got to Sora in white fighting that same day. I think is I can't remember the other fight on December twenty second. There's so many big fights. We'll talk about it later but last night on ESPN. Marines hooker? Stop Alex how Saito into seven Ron what if I was pretty good five means Societa dropped hook in the second round. And people say why he going Steinbrecher you're going to stop it away. Know he weathered the storm as I'll say they'll put yourself out. He really did man. And you see that a lot. Can you think of any other famous examples where you saw a guy that just started real strong real heavy? Look, I got tired. There's a million of those right? We saw that with Cannella in the first one the everybody remember very well can miss. It was a rumble in the jungle George Foreman. Muhammad ALI'S tail all night long have Mohammed Ali up against the ropes. He with funding body did ahead and Mohammed Ali was just playing playing. The rope. A dope. In a little loose before the fight. He told the people put up during this. I want to ropes a little looser because I'm going to play something different tonight. And he knew that we're gonna come out to try Nakas head off a, you know, what a word for Mohammed Ali because by the aids Rama formulas punched out he was guest out so much. Allied with a right hand. Boom. He went down and looked at him for me. Couldn't even move up. Yes. He would he would try to get up stretch. His legs we shot every was shot his low, and that was exactly that's what happens in boxing. So what happens man, you really gotta pace yourself. It's a lotta times by z is not a sprint. It is a marathon very much. So you may not want to go out twelve rounds. But you better have gas in your tank to go twelve rounds. I know what I mean sense weakness, and you have to you have to strike, right? Then then you'd better be sure about it. Because if you guess out. You better use premium. Don't use regular. No, no. Yeah. You know? Is a little smoother. Exactly anyway. But so much. But talking about one hundred forty pounds. You know, you guys down memory lane design member. No. Because I'm the Julio Chavez a legend in boxing has one hundred forty ponder. He was really wanted agree was, and I remember one night when he fought he is he's a phallus and he fought. Taylor. Are there listening? You guys. Remember, go back and think about the stoppage. I mean melting Taylor was winning every Roger by every run on all scorecards. And what about two seconds to go the referee richest Steele stopped the fight and defensive. Wow. How can you stop it? You know, the guy got up, but he was not responded to reach Steele's command. Are you? Alright. Are you? Okay. You okay. And he always buy and he looked like he was days. And I mean, Richard still his job is to watch out for the safe unified riches have a clock in his head. He has no that this guy that respond. He's up responding to duty referees it off. Of course, I understand that. You know, a lot of fans. No understand why it was controversial. I mean, you have to it's you he heard the tick he knew there was less than ten seconds left left in the fight. I mean, the fight was essentially over and I agree with you. I understand the Rev duties the referee, and I know that you'll always defender every in nature because not necessarily if you believe they're wrong. But of course, you always see the referee side does that make sense. We're transferred to do one thing. First and foremost to watch out for the safety and a fight number one. I don't care what time it is. What you know, why the guy that responded the rule said if? Guys that a because of episode what do you do what you know, what I trained to stop for five when a guy that responding. Does this say if adopted five seconds let it continue it eight under rules guys hurt your job is to stop it. Immediately. Does stop there three or four seconds later because it's something goes wrong. Does you know, why are you? Let it go. I mean locally. So, you know. Number one. It does I have priority of of referee. So tell you get criticized for that. I feel sorry for richest. He got Chris. I for like ten consecutive years years, man. He's still people still bring it up a lot. Yeah. We're bringing it up today. Yeah. No. It's something to talk about one hundred forty ponder that. Remember referee referenda who loses a job is what he fought. A us Oscar de LA Hoya. I was a referee that fight the first one and that was one hundred and forty pounds pounds is a historic division. Remember the fight with Chavez got cut in the first round where would a hard year by by Jarvis. By by de LA Hoya in the first round, a lot of blood is coming out of that of the I I my job again duties reason safe unified. So somebody's blood. I don't know how severe the wound was so I call time and I bought him over to the doctor to look at the cut to see what he felt the doctor Dr flip masculine. It was a big cut. He's alright. Yeah. Let it go. You know, probably hoping that the cornermen will work on a cut, and probably, you know, stop the bleeding that didn't happen. So again, they were fighting. They were boom more blood again, I called time again, maybe in the second or third around. And I took it to Dr flavor mask again, he looked at the wound. And we looked at the woman between round and they were working on it. But it was pretty pretty long cut it with at least about eight and a half maybe two inches. Does a big cut. Undeniable happy was at the file of being blinded by his own blood. And it's all again, my duty is to do what protect the fighter. So I think it was in the forefront. Could they goodbye to the doctor Tolan, doc? I think this is getting worse. I mean face was all painted and blood red blood was really unbelievable to see. And I say to myself. Well, I wasn't freaking up Muslim digital look. Good. And it is a major fight. I don't care. I look at it for you to look at the major fight was going to happen. Of course was happening right in into ring. And these fighters there's a man you're the only one they've their lives are in my hand, of course against blind blinders. What do you do? Try to be my son's you have to they're getting blind. You can't see against his coming. Y'all got to jump in and stop it. So I took him back to the doctor say Joey said does it stop it? Stop the fight and a shot is all bloodied up. His phases is Chaz is odds is trucks everything. Now, see someone's blood like in a pass. And what happened was job is ended up losing one hundred forty pound division, a big deal big deal for him because in a in a huge win for Deloitte, because that's you know, it wasn't. It wasn't as first loss. Obviously he'd lost a few times before that. But it was just kind of the passing of the torch Musset, president of torch to delay actually his cousin Diego de LA Hoya. Who's who's been kind of kept in a, you know, a bubble wrap because you know, versatile career, but he's got an undefeated record. He's been he's been, you know, a lot of people like him. He just he's was the fight today. And he passed out he fainted, I'm trying to cut weight. And so they had to cancel the fight. When did you see that? I mean, how often do you see people have because obviously cutting much weight and now they'll amount of time as we know that's been the biggest deal we've known that forever. That's why you try and do you do same day? No. That's more dangerous. But. Sometimes it's less dangerous than it's one of those really tricky things will what happens is that. Wendy's fight if I lose weight, I mean, this is something they have to be disciplined about trying to keep that way down is there. I mean, you ima- doctor say Joe, you gotta watch your shoot. Finish sugar uniform. I'll say. Hey guy, watch what you eat a man, you know, the training. I like the doctors for the fight is. Of course, did you put me monitoring your your weight? Not enough. She's not too much sugar. Not too much clenbuterol your diet consists of everything. Yeah. Everything good. But the thing is is that sometimes you get these fighters I Don Don discipline of and they overeat and ended they knock off thirty forty pounds to the to make the women the greater Roberto Durant had I had a problem. You loosen fifty sixty two. Good for you until you got to defend one hundred forty title got to. You gotta stay low. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. But I feel that all gotta do about discipline. Even us out in a free world right now as as individuals, we have to watch what we eat. Tonight. Good. Have a buddy buddy says this up? What you watch what you eating. You gotta watch that show. Not too much rice or that converted to sugar fight. You gotta learn that anyway, going back to a Ford again in at the Alamo dome in Houston, Texas, sixty five thousand fans. Talk about that in a second political to brief commercial, and we'll be right back. Coming soon limousine luxurious assisted.

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