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Joel prob probably Davis. I would think. Yeah. I think Davis. I think Davis is a bit underrated. As a player, I think Josie jewel, and I watched a lot of him last year on tape. He's an effort guy plays hard you'd like him to be a step faster. And I think Josie jewel to me gives you a really good nucleus of inside linebackers and as long as he plays a certain amount of snaps in certain situations. He can be very productive guy. But to me Devin Bush is a three down linebacker and a guy that has great great speeds. So I mean, we'll see Devon Bush guy. Krista Wilkins is still available at Clemson it real big and. Real inside plug into a spot where you're a little thin you Zach Kerr. Vic Fangio at the owners meeting said neither Bush nor Devon white were where roquan Smith was a year ago with Jedi mind tricking, Casey got one of them to motivate them sort of like when he said Vaughn room saying that von Miller could be great Khalil Mack is great. Von Miller could be great the interesting about roquan roquan Smith, and we know what he did in his first year. Right. He didn't even start the last year. He was Georgia against base personnel. They put a bigger linebacker in. And here's a guy that came in and sub packages played probably seventy percent of the snap. So he obviously was a key player. But they wanted to utilize him the right way. So the Broncos on the clock now with four twenty and counting left in terms of time to make that selection. Matt Russell on the cell phone. Just put that down as we get a glimpse into the Bronco Bronco war room..

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