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Two eight eight two uh who were or were next let me just levy a joe one williams poured pennsylvania great to have you how're you doing sir i'm doing well through a real fine and dandy thank you quote so rush i heard you talking earlier about um d v young lady from north korea veen to the and the new on wonder of the world at the olympic and i wondered why we're not showing more out of our mainstream media about deep the new ability for transgendered athletes to compete in the olympics yet there's non there uh how do we know that there's nothing there well i i'm i did a quick search wanted to find out just what it was a little bit who was a lot to be there and men what does this have to do with the banned from north korea is she transgender you tensions on her why is the media paying so much attention to her i would've thought they would have grasped to the idea that there's not more representation of of transgendered athletes now that there are allowed to be there mm all right well let's not a mystery why they are focusing on the bay from north korea it gives them an opportunity to bash pants and trump with doing things that they would pay more attention because the olympics will allow men to compete is weighing on care about paying attention this no no they don't care about pigment paying attention to the olympics is about pence being detested in a reprobate unjustified we saw because his baby north korea's more popular than he is at the olympics that's their miss it says that forbid they wanted people know they want people think mike pence is an absolutely disgusting wandering shred of human debris right along with donald trump mim and making a heroin other this thug bay a genocidal mania for north korea is a vehicle for that but your your your point about transgender athletes you know when you mentioned when you coupled that with the babe north korea is or something about heard that i don't know that you know but that's not right you're just saying there's some there or there aren't any there even though they could be there right it's the idea low income per year if a man can demonstrate a low enough to.

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