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Conditions apply sports now on WBZ NewsRadio straight loss for the Red Sox With last night's rough 12 7 finish against the league leading raise stocks fell behind by 11 before a late rally made the score mildly respectable. Bobby Dahlbeck launched a pair of two run homers. Danny Santana homered as well in his return from the Covid list. Kiki Hernandez was also activated in time for this one, but he went hitless. And five tries after nearly two week layoff with Covid Man drowns Cora, How do you look there? He hasn't played in a while. Overall is a good step. You know one thing about him when he was international League. It's not that he was off with Covid. But he at one point, you know he didn't play for an extended period of time, and he will come in and do these things up. He's hardly tough guy. He's our table center. You know, he got what I don't even know Five of bats today. That's good enough and he'll be ready for tomorrow. Socks still holds two game lead on the Blue Jays for the league's second wild card. Playoff spot series finale tonight. Football's coming Patriots will host the Dolphins for their regular season opener Sunday in Foxboro, Adam Kaufman, WBC, Boston's news radio, and Adam Thank you, 6 13. Let's get you going this Wednesday morning on the roadways we check traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. Laurie Grandes up with the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes this time brought to us by Tufts Medical Center. Yeah, Jeff, we're still dealing with those problems there. 1 28 sap on the off ramp is closed off getting to the Middlesex. Turnpike there in Burlington. This is due to a crash involving a couple of trucks and a car and traffic is already jammed for about a mile approaching that scene there 1 28 North that meantime, watch out for disabled vehicles on the off ramp to route to westbound in Lexington. Let's get a check of route 93. Now with Christine Neck and the need and bank copter. Hi, Laurie. We just arrived here at the cloverleaf with 93 1 28 93 South is pretty heavy here getting through the energy changes head down toward Montiel Avenue. Except for a little while. But then it's getting heavy down in the Medford stretch as well as you head down toward Assembly Square Christian Act and the need of bank copter. Some trouble 24 North bound first off, they have reopened that ramp there to North Main Street in Freetown. It was closed off due to an earlier broken down tractor trailer, but further North Watch out for crash in the median right by 1 39. In Stodden Lever connector. Inbound is crowded in and getting onto Storrow Drive now. Still okay in the airport tunnels. No complaints on the Tobin Bridge. Northwest Expressway. Heavy volume there. East Milton Square past Columbia Road. Laurie Grandi. WBC's traffic on.

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