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Decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 5 15 so Dave, we voted for you to come back and tell a sport. And I'm right here. Right here for you. Well, look, look at the calendar. The United States begins playing the World Cup, November 21st, and today is decision date. 26 man roster to be announced later this afternoon, Kraft and Maryland's Kyle beckerman knows that feeling of making the World Cup team dream finally comes true. What really came to me was I felt for the guys that didn't make it. I knew how crushed they were. I knew what that feeling would be like. And so I kind of had more compassion about the guys not making it rather than thinking, I finally made my dream. This is a dream come true. Because it's just so tough to make the team. You have to stay fit. You have to stay informed. The most part your team should be winning. You always have to stay on top of it. You can as your form slips, somebody else slides into your spot. Beckerman a 20 year career, Major League Soccer in 58 appearances, U.S. national team, including World Cup in 2014, now coaching soccer in college and corner of the Annapolis blues pro soccer team next half hour, his expectations. Speaking of expectations, didn't expect this. Georgetown men had to go to overtime to beat coppin state 99, 89, pet coach Patrick Ewing. It wasn't the way we wanted to win, but we got to win. You know, there's a lot of teaching moments that we have to things that we have to learn from. All right, that phrase teaching moments look at and practice they're going to work hard. George sounds first win at 328 days. Georgia Ohio State Michigan and TCU or your top four college football capitals and penguins pick up their rivalry tonight at Kaplan arena. Dave Johnson. Sports

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