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You're listening to and the city you're calling from and perhaps you can get on science fantastic well before the break we had a call about addiction and trends cranial magnetic stimulation is there a relationship well actually i discussed this in my book the future of the mind first of all we're not beginning to understand the biochemistry of addiction first of all at the very centre of the brain there is the pleasure center of the pledges center evolved millions of years ago animals have it very important because that's how we begin to to learn things because certain things are pleasurable where we learn there and we learned that turned things are unplayable it has also learning experience so the pledges center is very important for animals however we all know the way in which has stimulated dopamine is a chemical that stimulates the pleasure center which is at the center of the brain is an area call the nucleus accumbens that's the area where you find the pleasure center of the braid at dopamine is one chemical that stimulates it now it turns out that of course you have to stimulate the putschists them jerk as as how we learn we learn what is good for us we learn what is good to eat we learned what is good for our health wheeler what is good for our social interactions and all of that is due to the pleasure center wherever and this is a huge however however because of modern technology we can over stimulate the pledge just enter almost at will and that's what addictive drugs do they overwhelm the nucleus accumbens dopamine floods into the nucleus accumbens and what happens is it draze that of all the stimulation and as a consequence you feel bad and you have this feeling of depression because you've used up all the fuel so to speak of the nucleus accumbens and then you go to withdrawal symptoms and then you begin to hunger hunger for the.

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