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Well, I appreciate that. Thanks. But I always. Until until my my. Revolted? I was following football training man, my strings goats in college was woke last tireless. Because actually, I believe and I I break. Bill Cash, LARs overall, total benchpress slot and swing four hundred pounds. You know, he was a monster. And we just concentrated all these it was it was squatting lifting. You know? And my motto was they'll have your goal, and I did that for years and years and years and years and years, and then when I said, you know, my body started saying, I can't do that anymore. So I'm backed off heavy stuff. I still wake and a lot more cardio now. But yeah for years, man. That's if I go to the gym, I just listened to heavyweight that possible. Good. Who's again, you just you didn't Trump his name at the meet the twenty four hundred pound total? It was guy thing. John wear. Okay. Yeah. More I'm aware, no pun intended, that gap. That was my strength goes my position hilson palace. Gimmie three Michigan numbers. You know, what you? It would probably told me your best left squat mentioned that left. I was never rates water data that was okay. I swat about six hundred five fifty. I haven't been benched when my best defense is five twenty five that was that was straight like, no, you know, no of that's rescued or anything like that. That was just wrong wrong past do not great numbers. Yeah. Thinking about is being so tall. Like, I have a powerless body or anything like that. You know? So yeah, just the again that was the result. I mean, that's that's what we did. You know, all the time and how drain so you can discount us agree on sudden. Even watching wrestling your entire life. How in the world did you hook up with the dean Malingco to train you? And I miss the pro wrestling because demon Ligo is first of all I consider him. You know, an awesome awesome talent true scientific runs. Mer great technician. And you're a big guy over brawler. You're not really going to Russell people on the match soon. How'd you hook up with name Lincoln, and how did this go because there's a big difference stylistically air? Well, I was working independence around Saint Louis, Missouri. And you know, speaking up what I could hear there. But I just felt like about getting serious about out of the head. He's writing properly and dean's father was great more go, Larry, Simon Israel. They gave them a call into the great Milenko wrestling, again, hammer, Florida, and I ended up relocating from Saint Louis this the Tampa, you know, like all of this. Oh, hell whatever job. I could nounce the or you know, whatever I go to restaurant school. And it wasn't just that was there was also Joe WinCo deems brother just end this. You know, he worked with Karl and live DASA awhile. So Joanie was tremendous junior and submission wrestler. And that was the nice thing about going there as you have actually trading both style and my first real gig special wrestling move working for Fuji Ouargla me in Japan in mission style over about once a month, you know, and then their matches were gossip like, I guess the old field, you WFL Japan. I think you know, we had guys like like Fuji war, and it was a different style. And this this was straight submission wrestling. That was what I did initially through my training marincos. And and that was. Actually, Eminem point of Puerto Rico for nine months working for Carlos. And then you slip amount wrestling record that and at the time smokey mountain was really a door into W W F, and like to know that was working with heavenly bodies. And they were doing stuff on them, then TV with Iraq and all express and schwarzen- enough to, you know, work with Ricky, Robert, and so many other great performance of corden. Okay. You weren't going over van you're doing some very interesting type stuff there and then with a submission game. In home, son. Your big ass goes down the smokey mountain..

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