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Roll out each year or you may be able to completely roll it over into an IRA right now but I want you to go into it with your eyes wide open and understand no notice I did not say cash out I said roll over so we're not creating a taxable event at all we're simply moving it because right now what's that ma'am it's just sitting there but money is not working for you so definitely go to Dave Ramsey dot com you can click on the support pressed a program funded investment professional near you really start to talk that through I'm proud of you all with what you've done as far as attacking and paying off not only your home but all the rental properties that's amazing and remember and I have to talk about this because I talk to people all the time that battle to become debt free but do you know how long it takes to go backwards out sixty seconds right all sixty seconds on a car lot or looking at an S. U. V. or doing something crazy consent you're backwards so what we have to do Americans continue to play defense stay aware of the things that you're chasing down that don't ever get caught up in deserve island is dangerous and it typically brings a pain this is the Dave Ramsey show studies show that security.

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