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Kitties broadcast you know and mike okay okay and it talking about arron heck's and it's like a mystery about all how come who's doing so well this year what happened last year what what what a missing pieces well okay mickey mantle wanted to quit baseball his father tell them now oh you know get back in their ron gadgetry his future was in question i wanna bring up sandy koufax was it all right what are the world the baseball that he took five years to get his act together so i don't understand so this guy just needed reich what six months to develop and acquire he's now i mean i think it's a a surprise only because he was so bad last year but to your point mike the guy was a prospect i mean he was a former first round draft pick he has a lot of talent and some guys develop at a different point than other guys and it's not a big deal i won't i get to chance when you can and now you know i always berries hurt so he's uh full time he's making the most of it but you know i am not that the guys willie mays but he can do everything he has gone on talent but apparently not emmys people think like brett gardner is a good choir i mean give me a break more of your work at harvard the night without you boyz ii aaron hicks has been doing it for a couple of months break gardner is more of an established guy and i think he's very inconsistent player i think he's disappointed a lotta yankee fans with not being that game changer on the base paths but he said for great power this year which gives me about guarders you can feel there's this four for fifty batting slump coming you know what i mean like you could feel that coming i think guarantee exists a big deal though i mean how many yankee fans at the beginning of the season said it like rationally they said guys he's only twenty seven he's got a lot of talent i really think arad hicks is going to be an allstar like it's easy to say that right now and i definitely acknowledge that this is a guy.

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