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To us by one wingate way southbound on route 3 of problem a single car crash right the on ramp from smith lane and kingston watch out for the delays there minor very minor slowdowns southbound northbound you are sluggish between 228 a in rock linda and try to make your way up to just about route eighteen after that you're okay what did you get all of the expressway it is slow we do have a single car breakdown well it's usually how that works we have a breakdown in the in the slingshot lane are in the in the hov lane on the expressway northbound at meese milton square traffic is able to get by why is it however very so slowly so watch out for that also 128's outbounce backing out right to the logan express log getting to the expressway 120 northbound moves well from braintree right up to the turnpike 24 is getting a little bit friendlier at a lot of vehicles making their way northbound between what 23 in one thirty nine of twenty 95 looks rates though coming up to one twenty a mass turnpike of course off to a great start 495 right into the city no delays said all there is no longer works on out there so that looks good and honored 93 up north at kind heavy from the merrimac rivercrossing right down past 133 then you'll open up one twenty of route one up north though do well it every downtown is in good shape the tobin the deck the tunnel saw all off to a good start next update's at five forty three with wbz's traffic on perry's this week go bigger only once have some fun jr shershukov good luck face off at work or raise navy in your future jaylen i is full of obstacles just make sure tackling them doesn't make you lose your way cancer to your creative energy fulfillment at work leo you hectic work with you might want.

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