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John Chambers had earned a masters of business administration from Indiana University. He had worked for IBM and their sales department in the late seventies and early nineteen eighty s and then went onto work for weighing laboratories makers of the Wang computer or Wong. If you want to use the correct pronunciation. I would say this was in the late eighties. This was a computer company that one time was extremely successful. A lot of people haven't really heard about Wong or Wang computers these days because they were again, sort of a business to business company. But by the time chambers left the company in nineteen ninety Wong was already on a downward spiral, and it would eventually declare bankruptcy, it would emerge from bankruptcy. It would then get acquired, and ultimately it would end up dissolving after a couple more acquisitions, maybe someday I'll do a full episode to talk about the history of that company anyway, by that time, John Chambers. Was already part of Cisco. He had joined that team officially in nineteen ninety one, and he would serve as the Cisco CEO for two decades. He would stay on a CEO until July twenty. Seventh, two thousand fifteen, and a lot happened in those two decades. So chamber serves as the news CEO of Cisco and it's business as usual meeting. The company is continuing to grow in the choir other companies. This was a time when people began to get incredibly excited about the potential of the internet. The mid to late nineties startups were beginning to bloom in the mid nineties, but that would really build to a fever pitch by the end of the nineties. It got crazy. The information superhighway was being hailed as the next frontier. It was where people were going to make their fortune. It was a land grab of massive scale. It was where we were all going to live, and we were going to have experiences in virtual environments that would let us work and shop. And play and experience life in a way we just could not imagine before the internet or at least that's how it was all sold to us. No one was really sure how it was actually going to shake out, but they were all sure that it would lead to this amazing virtual future and Cisco, a company that continued to supply the technology that made internet connect communication possible was profiting from this excitement and a very real way more companies were building out in that works at MIT, they needed the equipment that Cisco produced in order to do that. They were going to Cisco primarily because it was the biggest name out there. It was the dominant manufacturer of various network components like routers and switches. So if you need to build out your network, chances are you're going with Cisco hardware, they needed to establish safe networks,.

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