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So we open is this where we open, we open with. This, right? Okay. So everybody do their thing in town or whatever. I swear to God. If that buzzing. I don't know if I got to blows on my laptop budget. That's my running back all over it. It's like we. We did a show on. I think it was into Troy where you picked up my phone one second. You had called nine one one. I'd like bitterly. He called, I want one from the stage during the show, oh my God, I wouldn't be able to do it if I was really in trouble. I don't even fucking day. It was amazing. I'll die in a fire, but accidentally call them from a from a stage. Yeah. So anyway, yes. So the way that this, this is my problem with the entire season. Really. My only went so far. Fucking baby's, okay. Bad on with them, John, I respect your babies. I'm thank you so much for carrying on the world and doing what you do by having them. Yeah, shut them the fuck up and get them. True. If your baby is crying out, what before. True. I feel like a lot of people watch these shows to get away from their kids not to be like, oh my God. This is what I look forward to once this is over. I want I want women way path, childbearing age who pretend that they can still. I'm the tamra Barney in her positive faith, getting big babies in the mail. Fuck that. I just need a house dress lady Gaga on Halloween, shit. Who gets fucked up. So he probably thinks he's wearing baby..

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