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Here's Jane and Bobby all right. We'll what age raft. And what a debut for Mike McCarthy here in Dallas you know there were so many concerns about what the strapped with look like and even the cowboys own admission that leading into the strap that they had a glitch during their mock draft during a trade which I loved Jerry sort of toying with us on things by all accounts not only went well for the cowboys but it was as if in like it was a little bit of Murphy's law anything that could go wrong. Did they finally got some good Karma Inoue. Bobby were you as shocked. I was deceived away. This draft went for them this year. I didn't think there was any way at all CD. Lamb would fall to them at seventeen and I didn't think there was any way at all that trayvon digs. It'd be there fifty one at ending. There was any way at all. Neville gallimore eighty two and I didn't think there was any way at all the Bradley and I would be all the way at the back. End of the fifth so they got incredible value all across the board throughout the draft just an unreal classes. You said a lot of times. We're sitting there watching the board and guy he just came off and this guy came off and rats. We really liked that guy and we thought that was the target. And only when we do get some sort of miracle of thornhill falls you or T. J. Watt falls to you. Then it's been tristen hill or it's been Taco Charlton. Then it's it's been a little bit disappointing for the fan base. I think this is the first time in years that fans were just right there with every pay goad. Yes yes yes. And it's because they get CD lamb trayvon digs Neville gallimore and all these guys at such incredible value Daniel Jeremiah for NFL network. It said that his greatest value picking the entire draft meeting a guy who went more spots away from where DJ had him ranked than any other player in the draft was Bradley Ni- and he said the cowboys got him more than a hundred picks later than he had had him ranked in his class. Oh value all over the board and a lot of exciting players and we'll get to talk to a couple of them today. I thought what was so interesting about the cd-rom pick was. I think I saw one juror. Mock draft that had sealion falling to the cowboys at seventeen and I joked on NFL. Now when I when I did the show earlier today I said old takes exposed. I said the fans are going to want the Godley. Pick a CD Leeann. But it's GonNa make more sense for them to go and get a guy like caleb on chase on and there was Kayla von Chase on who we talked about it offensive player. We also talked about. Cj Henderson who had already went the quarterback in AJ Carol who was already gone at that point and then there was a possibility of trading back picking up Cesar Ruiz and in possibly getting another pick. Something that I thought was interesting the saints when did they went and got Cesar Ruiz By just holding it there. Pick twenty four but the fact. Cd-rom fell to them and by their own admission. They did not do one. Mock draft were. Cd-rom was in fact they didn't speak to CD LAN. Obviously they were familiar with them. He played three times at. At and T. Stadium so they knew who the guy was But she's absolutely fascinating that here was this guy seemed like such a luxury item and that Jerry Jones is he never came out and said it when Calvin Watkins after we're Yeah Jerry. Where are you making these fix. The Internet identified that they were in fact on their yacht. The side by side pictures were absolutely amazing. What such a decadent pick on an extravagant yacht. And I've gotTa think that Jerry Jones was doing cannonballs off that yacht when things were done just because of the versatility of CD LAN and now a look at this offense. I just want to put a little respect on my boy. Michael Gallons name. All these analysts coming out and saying well the cowboys have got a maury cooper a tyranny Williams terrance Williams has been gone and he's been gone for a long time. I turn out in the club. Terrance Williams was cut by an XFL team three months ago. So I mean there have been several transactions since terrance Williams was last on a football team respect on Michael Gallup's dame a guy who got increasingly better as the year went on and I hated that the game in Philly came down to Michael Gallup in the end zone and he he was close. He had that mall. But put some respect on this kid's name but now you're adding guy like CD land to the mix when you've already got chew guys who had over a thousand receiving yards next year. I also think what's going to be interesting. Bobby and you can speak a little bit more because you watch lot of the tape. His contributions and he can make on special teams. Yeah he's I mean he's going to be and that's actually kind of the interesting thing. I think they got in a couple of their picks not just CD lamb who can contribute on special teams potentially But I think Reggie Robinson the corner. They picked their their talked about. You know his special teams ability. I would guess Trayvon digs is GonNa do some special teams work digs is a a a really hard worker and a guy with a real zeal for knowledge and wanting to do everything. He can't help the team win. So I think that you know a low key thing that a lot of people haven't been talking about is how much of the cowboys have improved their special teams unit? Which was a disaster last year? From MISSED KICKS TO Awful kick coverage to telling somebody you know to Code Fair catch and fair catch. No don't do what you want. Everything from communication to execution everywhere across the board was awful with the special teams last year. I honestly think it cost them a couple of games and they've done a lot not just to improve their offense and their defense with this draft and with free agency but they've also done a lot to help really strengthen and solidify that special teams unit. Yes so let's talk about all the areas. They covered which is amazing to me that they were able to do it this way this year. They covered the cornerback position. They covered the defensive line position. Both in the draft and also with some of their undrafted. Free agents Rondell Carter. Of course a guy out of James Madison's they went and picked up. They gave him type of money. That you typically see could with seventh rounder. That's how much they were buying into him. Which interestingly enough to their center that they decided to trade back for with the eagles a guy that went to Wisconsin very similar to Travis Smart guys offensive. Lineman coming out of Wisconsin. So I I gotTa Tell You. I was really really impressed. The draft in. Oh by the way. We've got him in our show today. They wind up that late. Round quarterback Mike McCarthy in reference that he wanted a guy that that they want to have meaningful reps if they want to develop for trade value and a guy that slandered. Tony Romo a bit in tweets. Tony has a bit of a beehive. Hey Hey if we're if we're to look in and follow history than slandering. Tony Romo tweet on draft day means that he's about to get paid thirty five million in four years. You know. You're all about trends and analysis here bobby but I think fans are going to be really impressed with been. I know I was when I walked away from our interview. So we've got him coming up and then also claim accuse the defensive backs coach that works with rudy remarks trayvon's eggs and Reggie Robinson you can also sort of tell us what they expect from this physician in area where how is really going to shutdown corner in Dallas in recent memory. Although I would argue I thought Jordan Lewis. A really began to step up last year. I'd like to see a were. His game takes him this year under this new defense. But this is a jammed pack. Show we keep bringing them to you guys because we're averaging a little over ninety thousand downloads and listen so thank you so much but let's get to know still. Have these new cowboys players? Shall we joining us now? Is New Cowboy's quarterback then to new chief from James Madison? The team's seventh round pick. You can follow him on twitter at be underscored Ghanouchi D. I N. UCI six Ben. How're you doing? Good appreciate you for having me on absolutely excited to have you here and talk about i. Guess the lead up to the draft was Dallas team. You knew was interested. Did you have a lot of conversations with them? And then the leading up all the way to getting a phone call from the team to to explain it. It was probably the craziest three days of my life and an Saturday. Kinda put the exclamation point on that. But YEAH LEADING UP. Dallas was one of the four five teams that I had had constant communication with leading up to it and Doug Nas Mar. The quarterback coaches wanted to kind of drove the conversations that that led up to the weekend. And then as we kinda got closer to this thing he called me. You know Wednesday before the drafted started in that he called me Friday and said you know. Hey we'll touch Saturday just as we kind of. Get close to this thing. Worshiping you on our radar. We'd love to have you here in Dallas or even see how this whole thing plays out. Obviously that had no idea. How ARE WE GONNA go? And then At the beginning of the sixth round Started coming in contact and saying. Hey you know we're trying to get you. We don't we don't want another team to get you on so so just keep your phone on. You should keep you updated as we get closer to this thing. I got to tell. You Ben you got a little exposed. I love twitter. Bobby and I try to give agents a heads up if we see something on twitter that maybe they need to clear up ahead of the draft. You couldn't have possibly seen this but a little Romo slander. Warn Romo has like a beehive as it applies Dallas. How would you Love Slash? Hate Mail. Did you get when people saw that. That tweet in. Do you want to clarify that? Yeah sure I'd love to clarify so is for two thousand fourteen in now it. May I think I was price? Seventeen years old at the time. And there's probably a national televised game on and he had made a bad or something. That's just the first thing that POPs to my mind but shoot. I've had plenty of those before. Thrown five interceptions every game in a four. Before I'm sure that the Benvenuti's horrible tweets or refer go after that too but now Tony Romo is one of those guys that very similar situation came from. Fcs school battle his way in and had one of the most respected careers in in Dallas in been able to kind of come into a similar situation as him in play. The same team has him. You can't ask for anything else while interesting parallels there bobby if you think about you know there are tons and it's funny. I I was I was doing a podcast with will cain for me. Spn On Monday. And that was when when we started talking about Ben. And the pick for Ben Wilson. That was the first player that came to his mind when he was watching them. A little bit. It's like man. There's some some Romo stuff here with the improvisation and some of the fun little throws on the run. I got to say you know. You're not alone..

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