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And China dealing with some of the highest COVID levels in months so with that in the rest of the day's stories let's get to the Bloomberg newsroom and Denise Pellegrini That's right Paul a Chinese health official saying in a press conference as a matter of fact through a translator that this winter surge in illness could be worse than last year There is persistent risk combined from COVID-19 influenza and other respiratory tract infections and meantime China's COVID czar says strict COVID measures in that country will be there to stay for a while that's in chinois saying the Agnes has firmly defended Beijing's zero tolerance approach and calls it the most efficient way to protect the country from COVID Tens of thousands of university students are currently in lockdown in the COVID hotspot of dalian in northeast China this hour President Biden and China's leader Xi Jinping will be meeting virtually tomorrow night Washington time and Bloomberg Steven engel says this summit involves the two sides having really a lot to disagree about Taiwan has been a flashpoint Both sides have been exchanging kind of barbs on Taiwan and also of course China would like to see greater progress on access to U.S. high-tech exports Engel though does also say that U.S. China relations do appear to be improving a little bit from the Trump era possible movement this week on President Biden's build back better plan Brian dies head of the national economic council says the house will pass the president's massive build back better social spending plan this week and send it to the Senate There were reduced the deficit over the long term So we have a fully paid for plan to go directly at the cost that typical Americans are facing And he's there on ABC this week Curt here on Bloomberg radio Negotiators from almost 200 countries have clinched a climate deal at cop 26 in Scotland to boost climate target sooner cut fossil fuel subsidies and also cut coal use according to Bloomberg's Maria tadeo in Glasgow For the first time explicit language that calls for the phrase down of coal and other inefficient fossil fuels now than earlier version called for a face out That would have been much stronger language but nonetheless the compromised version ended up being phased down And Bloomberg's Maria tadeo reporting there An approval ratings for Japan's prime minister are slipping flip me okay she does disapproval rating rose to 43% meantime this month from 40% last month according to a minute she pull and 44% said they think the plan to give cash subsidies to the public to boost the economy is unnecessary Global news 24 hours a day on air and Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries I'm deduced Pellegrini This is Bloomberg Brian All right Denise thank you very much 38 minutes past the hour We're seeing a big rally in Bitcoin today up about $1475 2.3% Bitcoin now 65,008 11 It's time now for global sports.

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