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On the line Joe from Farmington hills with a question about his refrigerator this is packed good morning Pat thanks for calling how may we help you starting thanks for taking my call I have a can more easily refrigerator and just recently I've been noticing a kind of a high pitched whining sound coming from it it is intermittent it doesn't it doesn't stay on all the time it just it comes on it and then it it goes off and I've taken off the front cover at the bottom of the refrigerator and I vacuumed out the the coil down below I'm about to pull it out from the the wall to see what I can see from the back but I'm just wondering if that rings a bell with you at all well how's the refrigerator it's about twelve years old and do you clean the condenser have you clean the condenser in the back at all since you've had it I I don't know that I have all right well that's critical okay critical because there's a fan motor underneath there in the back you'll see it when you pull that refrigerator watch you don't scratch the floor I use right I use a hard surface piece of linoleum I put under nightly I'm saying an invalid out take the back cover off on the back and make sure you put that back cover back on when you're all done is there for a reason but get underneath there with the vacuum cleaner go to the hardware store they sell these long handle condenser brushes made for refrigerators which I invented back in nineteen seventy okay anyway that's how old I am but anyways take dead brush the vacuum cleaner clean it out and you'll see the fan blades okay there's a fan motor with three little blades on it clean the blades the blades get heavy and laden with Linton doesn't make the motor work too hard and burn out the bearings okay but that fan motor can give you as sound as well because it runs when the compressor runs at the other more common thing is just the fan motor inside the freezer compartment of that refrigerator now is this a freezer on the top side by side about on the bottom on the bottom okay so you get into the freezer you remove the screws that hold like the back wall inside the freezer which are nothing but a piece of sheet metal okay so it's flexible take the screws off that piece of sheet metal comes out and make sure you are on plug it when you're doing this and then the fan motors mounted it with two screws to wires and it's got a little blade on it that comes off the fan motor you put that back on to the new fan motor but if it's that fan motor it's something that you can do yourself rest assured is not a hard job that's good news okay I'll look into that today all right that thanks for calling thank you very much you're very welcome Sir take care from Pat in Farmington hills were not going to go to to Ranil Heil somebody would like to give you some feedback Joe on some garbage disposal information you gave them earlier and also ask a question about his water heater this is Kevin Kevin good morning and thanks for calling are you do in Michigan yes Sir yeah you sent me to told me about my oh boy government also yeah so you tell me what to buy a wooden box E. integrator yes Sir boss it was very you said it was kind of pulling people don't buy their cheap on the bottom most expensive one they had everything went great it was simple because I followed the directions and I was very much for everything you do thank you these listen that's very nice of you to call in one thing I forgot to tell you and somebody reminded me with an email the other day that anytime you install a garbage disposer if you have a drain from your dishwasher that connect us to the little spot there on the side of the garbage disposer make sure you go in there with a screwdriver in the little hammering into the knock out that plug that's in there I I I read I came in with a problem yep you're right yeah and it's something I forgot to remind somebody here has got it worked out great though well Kevin that's very nice of you to call and your question near you near corona archer yep right down the street yes yeah I have a son in law who comes from corona raised there as well okay one one question about my water heater yes Sir you for quite a while back you told somebody possibly by looking at the tag you can tell how old it is I forgot how to do that yeah I forgot how to do that myself they give us some kind of a cold or something like that well no the late the year of production is in the the serial number of the hot water heater there's no cold that I know of but the year of production maybe it's that the beginning maybe it's at the end okay just look at something that reminds you of the year okay okay yeah thank you very much thanksgiving thanks for calling this next segment of the home and.

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