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Threat of tariffs on Mexican imports is no bluff. But he is facing resistance from members of his own party state majority leader, Mitch McConnell, says most Republicans don't support tariffs on Mexico. We're not care. We're still hoping that this can be avoided McConnell's not saying if the Senate will try to block the tariffs, Mexican diplomats will be in Washington today, hoping to stop the Trump administration from following through on its threat. Seminole county has a burn ban. It's going to be an effect for at least seven days. I mean so bonfires campfires, and no burning of yard, debris, and continuing our team coverage central Florida skies clear this morning after prescribed burn filled. The air was smoke may have smelled those burns that were happening Bavard and Polk counties. Fire rescue in Orange County says a lot of people call them about the smoke. Those burns spread across thousands of acres. Fire rescues has during the burns, the young and elderly who have trouble breathing should avoid going outside because of the smoke. I'm Jamie homes. News ninety six point five to be. There's a push in lieu. Louisiana to penalize parents who threaten harass refs during school, recreational games governor waiting to sign off on it. It means nearly three months in jail and community service. If you're caught, you can leave us an open mic. Tell us which think about that one. Here's your Florida man fix for the day. A Sarasota charter boat, captain arrested. Police say he got drunk and high and threatened to shoot. Passengers police say thirty six year old captain, Mark Bailey got into a fight with the teenage son of one of his five passengers the argument escalated when other passengers became involved. They then said they heard Bailey fire several shots into the water from the upper deck, and then they saw him drinking and doing drugs for hours passenger said the captain refused to dock even after they had paid him. They eventually called the coastguard, brandy Hastings news ninety six point five WDBO. And astronomers say the space x plan to launch thousands of satellites into orbits could hurt scientific research and trash the night sky..

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