Adam Schefter, Bonte Freeman, CIA discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Hour 3: Sports Whisperer


Headquarters orion out for us wanting to one to be drafted by the bows that was very successful as much and i wanna just and make one quick announcement before we move forward announced them it's a quick and a new announce it is bringing mort who we need to bring in an adam schefter earn now we we we don't have leaks in this ship okay nobody's announcing that greg coating himself ship is the weather i use their ship will lobos with like to announce the day with a p that we are instituting a griggs lobos hall of fame the first inductee is bonte freeman why the cia we'll have a ceremony in induction ceremony in his liver partial on espn radio every wants to got your support for the delegates arja podcast comes from our friends at rocky mortgage by quicken loans chances are your confident when it comes to your work your hobbies in your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan with rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand foley's you can mortgage confidently to get started good a rocket mortgage dot com slash do god's st u g o tz equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states nmlsconsumeraccess dot org number thirty thirty johny route 80s come from uh well of my like sex toy oh well you see on with there's a mommy and a daddy hurry ends see when they call geico uh they could save a bunch of money on car insurance ovarian fabric some happy yes that makes them very happy at all yeah well i'm glad we could have this talk sunshine geico because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.

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