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A week from today, lock it in on Fox Sports one. He'll be a one of the cocoa co host, right? There's a, there's what four of you on the show? Yeah, there's four, Rachel Panetta is the official hosts, and then I am one of the three talking heads alongside Todd Furman and cousin south from the Bill Simmons. And and the ringer. How'd you pick through this past weekend? Excellent. Had an incredible week of the picks went ten and two on Thursday and Saturday. And then the only one that really kind of got me was I was totally stunned by the result of the LSU game. I thought that Miami would come out play like their their head was on fire. I mean, Like like they they were were. just flying all over the place. And instead they got their ass kicked. And so that was I thought the most surprising outcome of the big games this past weekend? Yeah, I think the biggest difference was quarterback play, wasn't it? I mean of the two, and I s you hadn't had a quarterback in forever and you know, obviously Miami looks like they need to make a change at the quarterback position. There's a lot of the things that go into it, but LSU has been kind of the headless monster for years here. And it looks like Joe boroughs, finally guy who's at least competent and maybe even more than that at quarterback. Yeah. I mean, he was eleven for twenty four. So it's not like he set the world on fire, but he looked very competent in a game management role. What I always do in these big games is I walked to see who could run the ball and who could stop the run. And that to me is the ultimate test because there can be all the offensive pyrotechnics you want. But ultimately you have to be able to run the ball and you have to be able to stop the run. And I thought that's where LSU. Warn the game, they were more effective running the football than Miami was. And in fact, if you go across almost every major game, you look at the overall running statistics and you don't even need to know the rest when it comes to big time top twenty five match ups you you call Jim Harbaugh the most overrated coach in America or in college football history, which college football history history. Okay. I mean, like how how far back are we going his historically and why is why is Harbaugh over it? He's well, first of all, when I say history, I mean history that I remember right. I mean, there might have been somebody in eighteen ninety that was not very good that everybody was in love with, but I'm talking about history that I remember Dennis Francioni for example, right? Coach friend one when it pits state and like New Mexico than TCU. He set the will of fire, Alabama. I think he actually had a ten win season Alabama and then left went to went to am and it. It just did not work. And I think to me, some of that is is an indictment on AM more than a diamond on French Yoni gimme gimme your take on on why Harbaugh. So over it easy answers in terms of numbers, he's nine and nine in his last eighteen. He is twenty eight and twelve compared to twenty seven in thirteen. If you look at his comparisons to his predecessor, right, who everybody out there is about Brady Hoke is awful man. We couldn't even handle him at all. Jim Harbaugh threw forty games is one game better. He is presently being paid as if he is Nick Sabin and as if he is urban Meyer and the end results are not anywhere justifying that let me tell you that from a Ohio State perspective. So let's judge. Jim Harbaugh compared to urban Meyer urban Meyer for all of his faults. And I think there are a lot of faults we've talked about obviously surrounding urban Meyer in the last month or so. He has lost eight total games in six years. Jim Harbaugh has lost nine games in his last eighteen. Nick Sabin has not lost nine games since all the way back to two thousand eleven. If you going to pay this guy on that level, then you need to have those kind of results..

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