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She still had to drive around Tuskegee, Alabama, starving because Father refused to go to a restaurant and get the food out the back like you know, in his full and O'Connell attire. He's not doing that so hopeful that I lean on them because they're so hopeful and because we are seeing things happening that we never believed we'd see in our lifetimes and whether they're symbolic or not, like mask our Confederate flag shot Roger Goodell say, Like We definitely messed up. Any statues Come down thing Mississippi get rid of their flag. You know with it just for people from the South Mississippi has always felt like the last fashion where Laces and is OK and acceptable and part of the everyday life, and I know that probably seems unfair to a lot of Mississippi in but that's sort of what the idea or the perception was right. So for them to so quickly be moved to get rid of that flag because a player refused, you know, Tio Play. All credit goes to Con Hill for doing that. So I'm hopeful because we are seeing things that not only am I ever seen in my 37 years, my parents as well in their sixties the diversity of what the protests are the sustained movement of these protests like I'm very hopeful. I am kind of what we have to be like. That's where we have been. At the people for many, many years, it feels different. It does and the fact that on your show with so many sports coming back, you're choosing to open up your nine o'clock hour by talking about these things. That's why guys like it's things like that. That really mean a lot and I think I think it makes everyone feel like it's different this time. You guys gonna listen to her on the intersection on ESPN Radio watcher on SportsCenter? L as always. We appreciate the time you are absolutely the best, my friend. Thanks for coming on with us. Great stuff from her as always coming up our newest NFL analyst. I mean she's new to the official title, but she's been crushing.

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