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Slash Mr. loon bucks. Thank you. J. rod is Josh underscored Rodriguez underscore. I'm Hello Ross, and I'm, I've read social media and the show is Hello Ross pod? Make sure you're listening to talk with Ross Mathews and Trish, sir. It's free tunes that'd be listening to this or what have you listened to a podcast on search Repub, pup, talk and subscribe. Also, please go review in rate straight talk. It means a lot to me from being so much really. And vote register register now too late, right? So Mr. Malone says to me, he tends me a text. Have you listened to Barbara's new song? And then today on the program says, have you listened to Barbara's news. I love a lot of Barbara's music. Yes. And here's one that's another song. I wonder who it's about. Well, who is it about? Tell me who is it about about yet? It's about Trump. She wrote this about Trump is time to put a cherry on the Sunday on Sunday. A good thing we put on the top of the show is just so gay and cherry on a Sunday restrictions. It's time to put a cherry on the sun day. So here is Barbara's newest song which you can. Make your own up about? It's called, don't lie to me by. Let's see. Next week, everybody. Just tell me true. Why can't you feel to cry. How'd you win. You've changed the facts. Your lips. Ciro see the full, the troops hard on. You can't see what we. You can take. Kings and queens. You can see you. Do us. How do you use.

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