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Sometimes that to two different vineyards is together free and they'll polka is Absolutely whereas all the soil is so poke ice bar and finish on. This is the singer. Is the singer vince for this. In our this label is the name of the of the years of the of the location. Okay so i guess what. I would like to ask you now. Is i know at certain point. You kind of pivoted right and you decided to switch to quote unquote more natural approach to winemaking. Why did you decide that was that. Was that a difficult transition for you for me is not vision. this no is the work out to make the bureaucracy to chat difficult dizzy. What is the ball in in kolia. Slovenian this is it's not the border by the tool bureaucracy on special for the controlling to still have to as under the do no. I make now another two year. I'm chuck officiant. Disease is not making this. Make voters benny market special than new market like asia or north of europe kinda dice. Ask this what is from this thing with you. Who try why we see. This lead a bit experience. My wind is absolutely not around forever. Mona just me my father for us. This is very traditional Y making now goalie a bit more. In extreme to to work a special to to make this absolutely to play in the bill diversity around on just individuals around my venus some some fruit some some quiz make Good end for oppy. On all of this i make friendly and and what is the venuses Making in this for me. It's not the grand challenge. Now is possible. What is it possible to make good quality wine with one good price invest. What is this invest in the vineyards. What is the men. Many worker many work for the make. It's not mechanical is the is the make 'em by hand for this. The cost for production. Bit and i all Invest in in this way where is I believe in this way the ice here for a year my quality. It's a growing a special start running game this precise the v. v. knitting fixing the what is for the make something more is sir. All work is precise in.

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