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I think they have a lot of similarities, actually, I think that this team this year has better guard play across the board more debt at the guard position in my opinion. They have as you already mentioned, Meghan Gustafsen. She's just dominant. She's she's beyond the best player that's ever played at Iowa. So I think when they're clicking and we talked about this in studio yesterday that that's when the guards are clicking for. I wa that's their factor. Obviously Gustafsen is going to be Gustafsen every single night. You're gonna get those double double double double numbers out of her. But they've got a good solid point guard in Kathleen Doyle, she can be a little bit inconsistent at times and that kind of maybe what's shaky sometimes about this Iowa team. But the insertion of tonight Davis, she's healthy. Now, she put on a show last night against Minnesota. She makes Doyle better she makes everybody around her better, and you've got three point shooting. She obviously choose the three, but then the dishes of Meyer and civilian when those two are on three point and three point shot is falling. This is the best Iowa team. I've seen maybe in a long very long time back to Vivian stringer day, really. Really? That's a bold statement. They're better than the magic teams. Yeah. I think like I said, I think they have more dump that that guard position. And I think the thin makes them even better because she's by far better than any post player that that has played. And and and don't that's no disrespect any other post players Bethany do little was the senior post player with that group when they went to the Sweet Sixteen and and she was a great solid reliable post player, but she was not dominant like Meghan Gusta finis. I love tonight Davis. I mean five three she just has a fire to her a lot of Iowa players lease. I haven't I just have that that grit that fire like, you know, they're very well coast. Lisa bloom is one of my favorites. Okay. She coaches the mental game anybody that coaches the mental game. I'm all there with you. Like, she does a great job with her teens, but they usually are very fundamental. Sand. But tonight just has something different. You know in terms of how she plays the game that brings a spark that I think is is just fantastic. And if fits there, so well giftable of the hump, I think sometimes, but I think that is a that's interesting that you think that's this could be the best team since trigger dates. I wanted to move. Over to talk about Minnesota. Because you know, they started in I'm gonna spare Blake on this because we want him to get along with wife at night. Minnesota had a great start. You know, everyone's like, wow, Waylon doing that. Great. You know, they did have ranked win over Syracuse. But they've they've lost four in a row. Lisa. I don't you know, is it just maybe that non-conference type in that the conference play is that hard. But what are you making of what we're Minnesota's right now? Get rid of that head coach man's. He doesn't know any basketball. She's got. Wail at some just like to give her a hard time. No. You know, here's my concern about in a soda when they started out twelve no is I just always questioned where they tested enough in the non conference to learn enough about themselves, and in my opinion, they played a less than Fallon djing non conference schedule and that was already set up team and and not the new coaching staff. But I really only felt like they got tested with the rink there accused team. And so I really didn't even know what to expect from Minnesota, and rightfully so everyone was excited about the gophers for all the right reasons Lindsay Whalen factor. The fact that they have some of the most exciting players in the conference when you start with canoe chevelle, so all of those right reasons, you know, I don't anyone for for for hopping on the Minnesota bandwagon. However, I just had questions about it. And and here's the deal. I just don't think they have much of a defensive identity yet. We all know that Marlene stallings was not a man to man. Defense. And so they just they primarily they all all they did was plays zone. And so now, you have Lindsay Whalen coming in shifting that defensive mentality and those defensive philosophies, and and you're not going to see instant success in that in my opinion..

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