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I want to hear your thoughts on that but on top of that wage talking about the injury do we know any sort of timetable or estimate for when he's going to be available? Well first it was that well, he he may not be back until the end of training camp. Now. It's why I don't know if he's going to make it for the season opener, which is a pretty good indication. He won't be there for the seasonal right or Christmas day. He's got a lot of work to do because boss He hasn't played since last spring. Hm. He didn't play in the bubble. Right? So he's coming back from a hamstring and he's going to be rusty bucket. So, you know, that's going to take some time. Maybe you don't see him until Kemba comes back. How about his fit, you know beyond radius and I think we take a break but president. Oh personality-wise. She's you know Teague was talking about this the other day just how he's noticed how he helps young guys and That's what is going to be. You know, this team has so many people who need a little Direction Rob Williams. I mean, you'll be invaluable having him with Rob Williams, but they haven't had enough sense of rebound to like this and how long Let me check it offensive rebound just go to a whole lot else, you know, and some of the finishes sometimes would be a little question. But but this guy, I you know, he wrote he he rolls to the rim. I mean, he knows all those little things what to do off and pick and I mean, he'll be he'll he'll he'll help move the ball down and I think they're going to be a better team for that. I mean the question is do you still start to ice? I think they're going to start Tyson at least initially invest guy will bring incredible energy Off the Bench. Well, I use that it's it's it's the process of of getting Thompson comfortable out of the shed too. Right? Right. Yeah, and and he is such you know, he's known for being such a teammate that you know, I have no doubt. The problem is he's getting older even if he's only twenty-nine. That's an old 29. Yeah, so wear and tear on that body some deep thoughts Seasons. So how long does it take him to come back from this injury? That's My question I've seen guys like this before who have arrived and you never really see them the rest of the year. I mean there is that that happened some maybe I'm always back but feel Ratliff is the one that sticks out in my head. He was great big addition and I forget the injury, but he did in the second game of the season and that was it. They never had him again. So you gotta be really careful with the just to Thursday. It's about managing him and Camber going to be the guys that you managed. But you talk about like there seems to be a respect factor for for Thompson. I mean you can talk about how you know your brown and Tatum wage spend time trying to recruit him to get another team, you know, Brad and I think maybe even Danny's talked about how they try to get Tristan for years and I always been something they've gone after and you know, just you talk about all the things she brings to the table the experience. I mean, I will ask to your last postseason I heard about you know, the southern a real, you know, graveyard vet on the team that can show them how to win money, you know Thompson's twenty-nine. But again when you've gone, you know to the NBA finals the same time she has LeBron James you just know, you know some things that some people aren't privy to you know, it's sad that his defense of stuff is going to be really special..

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