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Talk about Jim Thome e Because In question Everyone's guilty screaming, at me we can't have a conversation if you're going to scream. At me, if again you're cool with performance enhancing drugs and you take, everyone's here. Take steroids. That's fine. I don't if you think everyone who hit home runs during that era was, a cheater. You can. I don't I think some did and some didn't some admitted to it like Barry Bonds who said he, told them he. Blatantly admitted he took. Them now he said he didn't know what he was taking when he took them and it, was legal and he was shocked to find out what he was taking was performance. Enhancing. Drugs. Yeah okay you can believe. That too I don't believe Jim Thome, advocated I don't and steroid testing had come into a detail end. Of Jim Thome as career I, told this story and I got ten twenty seconds I made Jim told me we did there, was working, or a, second, year in. Spring training when he was a. Member of the Cleveland Indians and I was down on the field. Doing interviews, and alike and introduced myself Jim I'm Jody McDonald from WFAN, New York. He shook. My hand. I thought I'll never use this hand again not because I was impressed and, he was. Jim Thome. And oh my God I know he crushed my hand he had four arms that they'd put my biceps, to shame not. Even called forearm on. His wrist was about twenty inches around the guy was just physically built and this was when, he was twenty one twenty two years old and major league baseball guys a studies. A. Warm. Brad Brad corn Eaton stud That's why he hit six hundred. Home runs not because he ever did performing enhancing drugs all right we have a MAC. Daddy tweeted today and it comes to us from Bobby. Underscore Nells. Aka Bobby fresh who said Kodak man go pack go let's make it titled down again I know it's a long shot but what, are the chances of the Packers making it to the Super Bowl I think, the, Rams we talked to beat in the. NFC dot dot dot. Dot he's a Packers fan and the reason, why I am giving him MAC daddy tweeted today honors today, is not because. He the Packer fan because he's. Doing my job for me he's teasing tomorrow shell because we, do one preview one team preview each and every single shell and. Wanted to teams that got enough, votes and compelling enough argument to be one of the ten they we're going to focus in, on was, the Green, Bay, Packers so. For Bobby Crash MAC daddy tweeter at the day in any other Packer fans we may have out there like my buddy Joe who used to call me all the time we're. Done call anymore Packer fan JAL Packer fans be alerted we will do a. Packer preview spot tomorrow We did three good. Guests today I think.

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