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And the hallway decision feeds into that. Does the UK want to work with China, and by its Cates and work closely with it or does it not want to you can get pricey there with the ups and downs of the this relationship, and you left out the thing at the start of the company everywhere covering the Dalai Lama and that the British relationship with China deep freeze for number of years, and I was on a trip with George Osborne to China way. It was the highlight of the whole engagement strategy. The golden era way Bassi said access all areas to the UK Konami nuclear power stations. Fine, railways, fine. And of course, this one we're talking about here that the most sensitive of all access to data. And so though, the national Security Council was discussing who our involvement in five G on security basis. And I'm told that it would be crude and inappropriate to discuss economic considerations at the NFC. It was the unspoken truth behind that meeting. Not least because the chance to the exchequer was heading to Beijing to later to attend a conference on the China's belt and road initiative. So clearly the involvement of hallway in the five. Gene network. The signal that sends out to other countries in the west about the acceptability or otherwise that happening was a huge signal to the Chinese that we re ready to try and rebuild some strained relations. S- let's go to this NFC meeting on Tuesday. Then the national Security Council was set up in twenty ten by David Cameron moving this similar body in America. And it was a place that was seen as sacrosanct in terms of discussions of very high level security, topics. It's ministers heads of the intelligence services and civil servants who sit in this body. They had this meeting on Tuesday where as David said the intelligence was put forward from the community saying this is a mountain risk. We should do this. There was probably unspoken things they have about trade and economic and the government went ahead with it. And then amazingly on Wednesday morning. It was emblazoned on the Flint page of the daily. Telegraph without official announcement, and nobody had been told that allies hadn't been told parliament had told the gun had made an announcement in some ministers. In fact, say. That the final final decision has still not finally been made on this cue, an awful lot of anger in Westminster. Yeah. I mean, as you say, this is the most sensitive in council of the government's we've become accustomed in the last year or two to the cabinet becoming incredibly leaky. And as the chief whip's at least disciplined covenant of wooden times, but this is a different level. The idea of information leaking from this body where highly classified materials disgust will see out of the ordinary at something which huts be stamped on hard and Samak sample who's the covenant secretary top civil servant in the land. Also doubles up as the national security advisor, the roof was absolutely furious on a day later, he announced he was going to conduct a formal leaking quarry now who is to blame. This started this great, Hugh who done it sort of gaming in Westminster. And it was within a matter of hours people number ten. We're pointing the finger at ministers who might have. I'm Bishen 's to see Theresa May as prime minister were they putting this into the public domain. As a way of showing that they were security hawks people prepared to stand up against China against a week vessel. Acing equivocal Prime Minister Theresa may. That was the way the story was presented and the telegraph Downey street were furious. Individuals were named we're not gonna talk about them on this podcast because potentially get into legal issues. But there was a blame game around watch..

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