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Yes it's great and great great questions guys was. It's fun. Chattan this format we. We've done a few podcasts. It's just it's it's fun because he gets Kinda go. You know go a little longer with the answer is not the clock totally So yes that's what I answered man get answers there so it was awesome to talk to. You. Thanks I know we all you know. I wish I wish we were actually and you could have gotten a couple more or less to me but You know we love talking about this stuff. This is our our passion and insignia. It's it's US and it's it's our favorite thing in the world. Is Smith Music? Funded chat about people to be bored later on the year and we'll have to reach back out to you billie wanted to come back on a show. We're in La out content. Really Weird No. Hey Guys Kevin and coal from the idol. Show stay tuned in by downloading our new idaho APP from itunes Google. Play and that's it..

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