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Over there yeah that one that is the original photo from really really early on I think that was the early nineteen hundreds people were trying to figure out what the fuck that was. There was like it's really big for champ, because these guys are trying to hold it up and you know it's legs are still dragging on the ground. If it was standing up on its hind legs, it probably be called them. Good Lord! Yeah, crazy, so it is an actual. There's another one to that one right next to Jamie above right above where you're Chris. Down into the right. That one. I mean this a fucking enormous animal. Yeah? That's like the the big foot of the jungle I mean imagine a four hundred pound champ, six foot, tall, four hundred pound champ. Fuck so this guy. Karl, on A. M.. A. N. has been photographing these things for years and set up these camera traps. They have two different types of chimps. They call them tree beaters and lion killers. The tree beaters are the ones that one of the mental at standing up. Fuck you. Thank God damn. That's crazy. If you could watch what a normal chimp does physically pregnant pretty impressive. What that thinking do I mean? They throw themselves through the air with their arms. Let literally just throw themselves and catch a tree at why and hang from it, so this is a so. That's why that Congo moves so weird like it's kind of sort of loosely based on an actual real chip, yeah! and. They get real gray, looking to which is also true, just like his book is in the movie. They had the gray, and when those get they get real gray. When they big sort of guerrillas, they also have a crest on their head like gorillas that this see this chimp. This fake chimps call that he made. This is normal Tim Scott, but the ones that they've found. That's why they got so confused these. Bondo Apes, they actually have a crest like they have this big thick partition head, the skull that usually like with bears. That's a an age grandma, but cracking their foreheads basically. Dick Muscles that they can crush moose bones with. Yeah, it's crazy. It is pretty wild watching what some of the like dislike I got hit by a black bear once running, just clip me. He was running scared, but I he hit me and I was like Oh that was that was definitely reality. Check of running like jogging fucking awesome trail, and he ran by me and clip me. Oh. No, it wasn't like a crazy. I mean they just ran you over accidentally? Fuck man? He hit me and that was. That was a reality check of where I stand out in the food chain. The fucking six hundred pound linebacker I mean it blew me back and he. He clipped me on the side, but it happened so fast right and literally took me a second to like Jesus. Twenty hit me. He was running scared, right? It was just a happenstance thing, but south got attacked by one when he was young Southcom when he was young, but it really shows you like well. I have a matrix target. You liked those The, fucking bear my house. Push the center octagon out. He doesn't have opposable thumbs. He didn't release the ratchet straps and he was managed to push the middle portion our. Pray at peanut butter on my hand and I was pulling Arrow and you smelled it and he he was able to push. That Center Octagon knows one hundred and eighty pounds little black bear, so imagine what know five hundred pound black bear duty, you only see a run up trees just use their claws and run up the tree and full clip like you would run on the ground, but faster, and they go up a tree that way. Oh, yeah, a week I Yeah, it's pretty crazy that that one. I got I wanted to charge me two years ago. Nothing was like I hit it two times coming at me here and here and. Shut my knickers right. The first time I hit it. I was cold, white grown backwards I wasn't. I was pooping my pants, and then it took off and started stomping grounds huffed. Edit again and. Again, and I was not ready the second go round either I hit it here. And it ran off broadside, anyway ended up killing it, but it was hilarious, because my my buddy was like hey, did you get a shot because he couldn't see in the timber and I'm like dude, I'm Aeros. What happened and I don't believe me. We got up there. I'm like dude. It's a big bear. And I said. Did you hear it? And he said I could hear it stomping and I was like. Did you hear fucking? Try to be and he was like. Did it really know it and try to eat me? I was like cheeses and he you know look C reactive reenacting. Telling him what happened. It was a trip man, but those was wearing black i. Thought that you were a bear, so when that snow melts the King King of the Apes Right the biggest bears guard the lushest grass. And, so when I stocked in I I actually put my camel. Often I put on black fleece, because it was in a field, and I was on my hands and knees, and he'd feed and get closer, and he'd feed, and I got to thirty five yards and He wheeled out right when I shot, and he went into the timber. And I was like damn it, and then I could hear him in their pop in his teeth and I'm like Oh. He wants them so I load a narrow, and just dove into the timber, started huffing Adam, and that's dominance thing. You what you did that to get him wild up. Why would you do that? Was it seemed like a good idea at the time? I! Caught up in the moment well could be honest with you. I've never had one. Come at me that fast. Usually they'll just stand up there and they'll they'll. Start you're going to bluff him, and then he would be there for shot. Yeah, and it didn't quite turn out like I had planned it and He came straight at me and I I started like Oh. That's fucking bad idea. And I started running backwards and I shot, but it was. From here, the TV and I hit it. Why thought okay? That's slow down getting it well fuck. It just pissed them off. So you're an twenty yards and started stomping the ground so. This point time I was a bit the moment and I'm not trying to make this sound anymore than me. Being a dumb fuck so I started huff Anat again and he came straight at me. One more time and I hit him on the other side. What was funny is Gary. You know as like hey. Did. You get a shot and I was like yeah, Dude. You would not believe this and you could tell he was like. Yeah, whatever we get in there, and this thing's got one sticking out of here one here and one three the lawns and fucking crazy 7-foot-4. It's a weird animal to eat to the rivers. Top ME how delicious they can be good John and Jen Rivet. Really know how to cook them. Especially on a Traeger, they'll smoke cook. Cook a Ham. It's unbelievable life so good I get a kick out of the Hate Mail I. Get about predators right because we we eat them. like Mount Lines unbelievable. It's not as good as access steer, but it's pretty damn good. And it's like just because it's weird that you get less hate mail from a deer than you do something and can i. know because it seems like if you're killing an animal like amount line, you're doing it because you wanna be a bad ass. Yeah, that's what it is, but if you kill an animal like a deer like that's normal, people are accustomed to people killing deer food I had people like Oh those are endangered giant mountain lion. killed a bunch of bears like they're endangered, and it's like now. There's actually kind of problem right because California endangered at all..

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