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Job providing business community. So. Lose any sleep on that one. In the meantime, I mean just to show that that things can get really upside down in the political world, you've got this website bridge M I dot com, which is a far left leaning website. And they put out their truce go out on one of the ads about you and the Flint water crisis. And they said that that Gretchen Whitmer ads about you. And the fifteen phone calls that you didn't answer and all that are misleading attacks for the Flint water crisis in that you actually did exactly what you were supposed to do in. And that is simply come up with a conclusion of whether what they were doing was legal. It's not up to you to set policy as attorney general. It's up to you to check the legality of what they do as a council or governor or or whoever. Yeah. You know, the the bridge magazine, which is certainly not a Republican publication is the democratic side is called Gretchen Whitmer out because of misleading ads, and it's part of a greater credibility gap. And honest kept it Gretchen Whitmer has and that's because s because I haven't about five points from victory. They know where the shooting chambers is charging and surging. And and that's why issue on the pension tax. I'm opposed to the pension tax. She said I was faith in favor of it. Pre existing conditions. I've always maintained my supporter, maintaining preexisting conditions on healthcare. Same thing with the Nassar. She said she referred that charges to me nonsense came from the chief of police MSU. And now this thing Flint, if you can't trust your your governors, then that person running for governor, I should probably you may not always agree with me governor. But I'll be honest, and I think that's the difference. One of the difference. Between Gretchen Whitmer and Bill. We also we just story earlier this morning without per Shoka. The former budget director for the state of Michigan on this issue of fixing the roads because you want to cut taxes, and you say that we can still put more money into fixing the roads. And you know, your opponents say good luck with that. Well, guess what mister Shoka the former budget director says that's absolutely possible. Well, listen to Alison Elza, very fine guy. And the fact is Gretchen Whitmer solution for every problem is a three letter word tax and economic programs are economic collapse programs. It would take us pave the way to the lost decade. And whenever she says she wants to fix the road. She's saying I'm going to raise your taxes. And I think it would she'd have to raise taxes anywhere from twenty cents a gallon with the forty cents a gallon, and that's not going to happen. I won't let it citizens won't let it and so it's really about with. We don't cut. Taxes? So that we have a growing economy. Michigan fall behind the other states across the country, and I want Michigan gross state. And I you just go back with policies of more taxes, which crush jobs and would stop economic growth and drive more people out of Michigan. Like we saw in the last decade. I'm we're not going there. I'm not going to permit that to happen. That's why we're gonna win on in November six attorney general Schutte if you'd stay right there. You know, we gotta take a break. And then we'll be right back more with the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan Bill Schutte, Al D Chrysler Dodge Jeep brand your hometown dealer, just off I seventy five exit.

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