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All right since both of my computers are steaming piles of crap. I can't tell you what time it is. Because that's what I use. So good morning. As both of them reset our phone number eight eight eight nine three four seven eight seven four course couldn't take your call. If I wanted to call screeners on the one computer, so we'll just chat with Dr Kevin Campbell. All right. So I'm assuming that if you're going to remove a kidney in the normal procedural way in which they would do it in a hospital, the scar would roughly be a twelve inches long. Well, it depends on the approach you take. But it's usually a lateral incision on the side of the valley. There the length of a standard NFL football. Yeah. Yeah. Is it really know? All right. So what are you implying? And I guess you would have to imply this because, you know, competitive with them that perhaps they are not following the most up-to-date surgical best practices on the black market kidney ipad swap. Suspect in, you know, ice cubes in a bathtub, and, you know, James spader in the blacklist and all that sort of stuff. Well, I mean, that's that's an easy assessment to go ahead. And may because that's the vision that we have for all of it. But it did look like they tried to stitch them up with what can only be described as. Potentially. Now that one's going to log in potentially crochet needles. I think they use scars nasty. I love to send it to you. But oh, yeah. Technologies twenty five AM, by the way, just for time. Technically, it's not it's passed because run a delay. How do you see that out? How you hear that out it you do the math? But it's also something that will creep into the rest of your life. You'll never trust a clock again. That's cool. When you're not at work. Okay. Delays for Ross. I'm sure so would if let's say you did have to sell something on the black market. So you can make some money because you needed a new ipad is kidney the way to go. The advantage of kidneys. You got two of them and people live with one kidney without being on dialysis. However, if you got kidney disease, or if that other kidney goes bad, then that's not a good thing. Okay. All right. Well, that's that's what I kind of figured that story's. Just absolutely nuts. Speaking of nuts. So they have the the going on right now is the science congress of India. The thing is it's the one hundred six annual meeting that's going on. And so you got the reporters over there. You've got. People from all over the world that attend this thing. And there's a pretty good piece that was done by a public radio NPR because they went over. And they were they said that they looked at it when they covered it in the past. And why you'll get the Jarvis of the world. There's also quite a number of interesting speakers, and quote, unquote, medical folk, and so they did this piece highlighting some of the otter seminars going on including one of the speakers who claims that Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are full of it. And I don't understand space in physics the way that he does. That was Ross this Konin Jedrzej did it anyway. So he disparaged Stephen hawking. And then he tells he says in an interview that he has a PHD in renewable energy systems. The reason I'm bringing this up as some people are pointing out that maybe their criteria is a little loose and rather than physics. He says that he is utilizing essentially a combination of mythology Hindu mythology, which actually proves that India's responsible for many the advancements. He points the story of a woman who birthday one hundred children as evidence that ancient Indians had stem cell technology. Also that the ten headed demon God risvan had a fleet of aircraft. There's a site. There's another scientists doing a presentation ASU costlo who said that the God Brahma created dinosaurs. And he's got evidence to back it up, and well just kind of goes on from there..

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