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Accessibility now movies through netflixing you know online stuff but also maybe people sending a bear very powerful message here was the uh white house press secretary yesterday after the big victory for president trump and the republicans uh where the democrats blinked caved gave the republicans what they wanted and really got very little in return here's white house spokeswoman sarah sanders says her to take it a victory lanna we've put out a number read he's had several different calls dove with numbers on the hill he has met with a number of his cabinet team managed the shutdown that was a big priority for the president was making sure that this was a well managed but but of course his critics aren't going to get out of the way of knocking the president's starting with the good old meeker on morning joe what what was the president the president's party in this way forward and what is the way forward white sounds like his part was to get out of the way most everybody said the reason they were able to get a deal at the end was president and stephen miller who's obviously running the president's business were kept out of the way and so the two sides can come together listen there are a lot of democrats aren't happy there are a lot of reasons for democratic activist to be concerned it doesn't seem that the democrats are still learned how to fight a good political battle a good political war legislatively you know when i keep saying how does winning veal that's what losing sounds like joe joe scarborough complaining that the democrats don't know how to fight oh no they know how to fight that's all they do they've they're they're experts at fighting they're experts at the resistance but here have despondent they are disappointed they are all this a democrat and trump just got out of the way yeah he didn't have anything to eat it now have anything to do with the trump administration prevailing in this government shutdown showdown amazing one eight hundred six five five mike let's go back to your phone calls as we continue our broadcast from the fortieth annual shot show here in las vegas will start with lewis hey lewis thanks for your patience welcome to vegas.

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