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Rattlesnake for further reading on the subject of trucking history. Checkout Shane Hamilton's trucking country the road to America's Walmart economy fine. Todd's distillation of owner operator history written on the occasion of Overdrive Fiftieth Anniversary in twenty eleven. Be overdrive online dot com slash. Breaking free over. The road is made possible by support from folks. I have fought for for a really long time. Muller trucking CELEBRATING OVER THIRTY YEARS OF SAFE and reliable transportation for the food industry for more information check out muller trucking dot com over. The road is a collaboration between overdrive magazine. Npr XS Radio Tovia a collection of the best. Independent podcasts around. I just listened to the kitchen sisters on PR remix this morning. While I was detailing my truck the episode was entitled. No tongue can tell and it just gutted me. I mean it reduced me to tears on the back forty of an Ohio truck terminal. I don't even think there's a word for the medium. The kitchen sisters pioneered on this network. I call it sonic literature. Seriously if you're entered this quirky off the law stuff find out more about the whole network at Radio Tovia Dot. Fm Look for overdrive magazine at overdrive online.

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