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The first as many other things as we talk about that are on there that we poke fun ad or get upset about that people. They don't advertise in. They don't push you know it's for things like this. That are pretty awesome as well to now. Hopefully it stays up there forever. To is not something. They pulled down those types of things they should do. More of they should do retrospectives on careers of pass stars and things like that and hopefully doesn't take another tragedy before they do collections. Like this because it. Hey it's a lot of guys whole careers. They own a lot of guys entire careers especially the older ones with all the footage they have. So this is a you know. It's one of those things. It's a sad situation. Obviously but you also get a chance to celebrate life as we've been doing with him and he's got a lot of really good stuff. That's on film. I was going to open with that story. And you're talking about all this stuff. You talk rather beating of the show ever knows by the way. When when mike's cameras now work and you just see this this whatever that is tape over the camera mike. Why would that be the russians. The russians watching you doing this show or something. We went from a nice thing talking about brody here and the nice things. Wwe you're doing to your ranting and raving started this year today. Bob cat godfried over here. Listen everyone here's the lineup. For tonight we got awa. Darby allin versus brian cage for the title. We got pocket versus eddie kingston. the elites. which. I believe is going to be kenny omega. The good brothers. Because i think took this tapering off. Because of his leg we got serena deeb versus taikang for the nwa world. women's title. Got the waiting room. Rene ker cody. Rhodes chuck taylor will be facing neuro. If taylor loses. He will be muros young boy until the beach break. Show when kip sabian. Penelope get married. Maybe he'll be the ring bearer. We got jungle boy. Marcos denver's fdr inner circle will reveal their new year's resolutions for the an t show. We got the desi rotating classic first round matchup. Which is adam. Cole and roderick. Strong vs brees zingo. We've got ever rise versus the grizzly young vets. We got isaiah's roof scott and jake atlas teaming up together i'll come on versus m s que. Who is a new team that they have not revealed. We've got shots versus kansas laurey. Johnny gargano versus dexter loomis. So she was md k. I mean that's a lot more impact. Now here are the full brackets. Everybody for this dusty classic so undisputed versus zanga angles noted tony niessen device versus ashanti via donnas and desmond troy ashanti. The don has got like a two week push and then they buried him now. He's in the dusty rhodes classic here in is desmond troy these not. i have. No damn whatever's name was the the former amateur wrestler. I don't know because she didn't leeann rough versus jenny. Gargano and austin theory and it never rise versus the result. young of. that's the other side. We have got swerve. Scott and jake atlas versus msk killian date and drake maverick versus kurt stallion in august. Gray imperium versus lucia house. Party and liga. Del fantasma will be facing the bollywood boys. So some of these. Like i don't know why some of these have to be on five live. I mean there's there's eight matches in the first round. I feel like he could get all of those on tv. But that's what they're doing the providing some programming dexterity in their eyes. And how they look at this. I don't know if this will work will stick the sun to oh five live and have another johnny candice segment or something like that for an extended. That's what it feels like is just okay. The they're not all in on this and certainly not all in on all of the teams. So that's probably why they're doing this. That's how i would look at it confidence in what you're doing your show that you wanna make sure that you can try to have something you can have some room to counterbalance or counter program. Aew that to me. That's the only reason why you would do this. It's not gonna help to. Oh five live. It's not going to help those matches or it's not gonna help the the shine of the tournament to be on two. Oh five live. I mean You know doesn't really seem to work so then there's this and everybody's talking about on the most recent edition of his podcast. Chris jericho said that he had covid. Nineteen and quote. Maybe september jerko made the admission during interview with past wrestling observer. Radio guests dr alex patel saying he had zero symptoms but cut a test just to get one. He said it wasn't a false positive as he had three tests. That came back positive. He didn't specify whether those were awa administered at tests. He didn't give any information on how he believed. He got the timeframe in which she had it and was cleared live and taped editions of the show on the podcast. He said he spent ten days in. Isolation jericho said is virus. Antibodies are disappearing. According to blood tests. You get and this is i. Listen i don't know anything other than what he's all of this jericho's actually go back and find out what it was. I don't know this for sure but if you watch he w nick jackson had covid. I think it was in september whenever it was. But you can go back and you can see where it was. Because he wasn't on the show and they edited in they edit edited in they did the double superplex spot and they had a fake leg. They had somebody pretending to be nick jackson's leg and he they superkick to over when they opened up the door and i mean as we talked about at the time. He wasn't there on that show and we didn't know if he had covid we didn't know if he came in contact with somebody who had covid all we know was. They did something weird because he wasn't available on the show. Lance archer was scheduled to get an awa title shot. If i recall correctly he i think had cova de that's a positive so they removed him from an advertised match. I know that there are people. That don't like chris jericho at other people. That don't like chris jericho because he did a concert at sturgis. I know there are people. That don't like chris jericho because of the guests that he has had on his podcast. You're welcome to like or not like chris. Jericho you're welcome to think that he's a terrible person but to extend that into well. I'm really mad at him. And so i'm going to get really mad at a w because i feel that they let him work with covert. I would bet you anything. Whenever it was that he got kovin. He was not working though. Show if you'd like to talk more about this after the.

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