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All right, so speaking of the Patriots. Brings us to the Patriots last one of part one of our series. The Patriots at 21, boy, you really want to give them devonte Wyatt, huh? Well, I want to devonte Wyatt to be gone by now, but I have a lot of problems. I had mocked them and inside linebacker, but I don't think either of the two that we have gone right now are stylistic fits for what Belichick wants to do. He's a tough, he's a tough guy to peg. And if I'm bell check, I'm looking at this receiver class. You did some work there, but, you know, there's still a lot to like there. I mean, you have olave, you have datsun. You have Drake London who are still on the board. I mean, you know, and I mean, Trey Lin Burke's, you know, all these guys could theoretically help Mac Jones too. And, you know, I don't know. I don't think he's averse to trying another swing at a first round wide receiver. Yeah, Ole dotson both kind of fit here. I don't want to make it sound like demonte Parker is your solution for the next decade, but obviously they went out and got Parker, another big bodied guy along with Kendrick Bourne and another guy who gives you some blocking value on the outside as well, but yeah, I think again, because we all love stylistic compliments. I think my gut is olave, but I think it's gotta be either O labor dots in here. I don't know if it makes sense to go get devonte Parker and then draft Drake London or Trey Lambert. I agree. I say, let's take olave off the board here. You're building around Mac Jones. I think if your Belichick probably figure, you're gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna draft some versatile safety from Nebraska Kearney that's gonna play there for 11 years. And in the second round and everything's gonna be fine. Defensively. It's roster building one O one. That's right. All right, Connor, that does it for part one of the mock draft series. We're gonna be back on Wednesday. First thing Wednesday morning with part two, gosh, we're going all the way down to pick one O two. What a thrill ride. This is gonna be. And we'll complete our rankings of Law & Order district attorneys. The MM QB end.

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