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Have this afternoon filling in for roh who is still not been able to get to the us consulate in argentina each other explain what he did so he can come home as much by the hidden beneath centre dot com here's andrei steve illinois state police say over a hundred crashes have been reported on roadways this morning illinois state police still recommending to try to stay out the interstate if he can be patient still driving to your destination a car slid into a gas pump and fell onto a car this was an ad speedway at hickory hills and against the police saying it be very careful out there i got says some of their own trucks were even involved in some spin out on the roads it this morning a winter weather the red visory for freezing rain is now in effect until noon mariel have the traffic coming up in just a few minutes for you those pictures of the gas bumps caught fire yet the the car slid into the gas pump hit it and there was a a minor fire at that speedway in hickory healthzette youryour of the of the breakaway hoses the reason i know that is over casually left the pump in my car drove off uh but the breakaway hoses in his shut off valve yes you nor for safety reasons author uh this looks like a tv set yet he argued shooting some sort of a day you know railway situation yeah you can see the picture i now wjm tv twelve site as well absolutely crazy to careful i nationally and offer twenty five billion dollars for president trump's long promised southern border wall is no longer on the table top senate democrat chuck schumer had made an offer last friday in a lastditch effort to head off a government shutdown but the emma critics lip the democratic party of a base criticize schumer for giving up too easily in reopening the government without more concrete promises on immigration students ran for their lives as a boy with the gun fired shots.

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