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Local Staples store or Staples connect dot com. It's ten 28. And its traffic and weather on the 8th, Rita Kessler is in the traffic center. Well, right now, if you're on the beltway watch for the delays on the outer loop in Maryland, around the big curve and off the two 70 spur, headed around across the American legion bridge toward Georgetown pike, the work today is set up in the right lane. We may have the work on the inner loop as well with the delays out of Tyson's headed past the toll road so you may find work there in the right lane as well. Interleukin prince George's county slow for route one in college park toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway. This was the mobile street sweeping crew along the right side, then the inner loop near Ritchie Marlboro road is now a report of a crash. If you're in Maryland en route Ford is northbound route for near woodyard road a single lane gets by the work, definitely seeing a sizable backup there on the bay bridge, westbound span, right Lena three blocked with the work eastbound as both a year lanes are open. Watch for delay southbound on Georgia avenue from old Baltimore road toward the inner county connector, the right side was blocked with the work also kenilworth avenue near 52nd avenue in hyattsville, who had been under direction for the incident there. In the district suitland Parkway at Stanton road a single lane gets by the work in each direction, northbound I two 95 incredibly heavy trying to make your way all the way toward the 11th street bridge after the suitland bark Parkway should be a single lane, getting by the work, in Virginia, northbound 95 crawling through Fredericksburg, the work near 17 takes the left lane. Lido pizza is square because lido pizza never cuts corners, lido pizza has been a local favorite since 1955, order online at lido pizza dot com. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. Mike staniford with our forecast. And warmer today our highs will be in the low to mid 60s. Overnight cloudy, our lows upper 30s to mid 40s, breezy and mild with a few showers on Friday and a high end low to mid 60s. Morning showers and clearing of blustery on Saturday, it'll be cooler with highs in the mid to upper 50s, but for colder weather on Sunday.

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