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The other side of the world is where this weapon, maybe most destabilizing. It's no threat to the U. S. As again you're you're listening to ABC News. Okay? Taking a look at KGO traffic will start South Gilroy a sig alert for one on one North bound direction after Bloomfield Avenue. A three vehicle accident here is blocking the left lane. Traffic backed up to Crazy Horse Canyon Road. Also closure in San Jose, one of one South Bend the westbound story road off ramp from southbound one solo crash here has the exit closed CHP on scene waiting for a tow truck. Slow traffic for North Bong 17 between Big Moody Curve and Blossom Hill Road over crossing and a crash for Belmont. A motorcycle crashed into a car when a one South bend after Ralston. The second line from the left, is blocked to tow truck on the way and traffic slow from Hillsdale Boulevard. With KGO traffic. I'm Maggie Jones. The following show is paid for by three dimensional wealth. The views, opinions and beliefs expressed are those of three dimensional wealth and don't necessarily reflect those of the staff management of cumulus media or other partners. Doug Andrew here, you know, as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for more than 45 years. I finally have dedicated the last two years to writing the ultimate book, the Laser fund. How to diversify and create the foundation for a tax free retirement is my favorite vehicle, and we have collected over 200 pages of charts, graphs and illustrations to empower you. And if you're more right brain, you learn by stories. You flip the book over and you read it the other direction. It contains 62 stories of actual clients who have employed the laser fund, too. Diversify and save hundreds of thousands of dollars of unnecessary tax..

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