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Thirteen of them and from there bolt the rest is history breen non fps players anz one person from alabama by the name of eddie jackson who is recovering from a severe leg injury the previous year it looks like a flaw but the bears have found a way to make it work so far as uh to re cohen as put up significant numbers as backup back uh mitchell trubisky close to three thousand yards for the season and adam shahin stepping up when he needed to win the red zone uh three putts down receptions afar this season and up before i get to number one here are some uh stories that i've just kinda glossed over but kind of left out um bobby portis slugging nikola mary attached uh down for the countdown goes frazier you know he wanted account to get to number one or at to the top ten but go ahead yes uh the white sox retiring mark burley's number um i i can't remember if this was last year this year but the socks changing the name of the park to guaranteed rate field instead of us cellular uh firing john fox and just pretty much the entire uh mentality of chicago at this point and pretty much the inevitability of it uh zach miller's injury in the end zone and the official uh and the official overturn of that touchdown pass and sam acho winning b uh walter payton award for this chicago bears for his at work in nigeria but finally number one and i think my dad will be proud that i put this at number one trusting the process in the chicago why white sox after a number of trades they are bowling a theo epstein here and just completely tearing down this organization starting with jose can tana to the cubs for dylan cease eloi jimenez matt matt rose bryant and bryant fleet big elegant solace goes to the rangers milky cabrera goes to the royals anthony swore that goes to the brewers david robertson tommy canley and at todd frazier go to the yankees were blake rutherford in tyler clifford and a couple of others dan jennings going to the.

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