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Vodkas including apple podcast Spotify and Google play. If you listen to tunes, please leave us a review says, he's are no particular. Oh, this is Jonathan wolf is in the audience. If you see this time for Friday show, my mother Carol's birthdays on Saturday, which we taught happy birthday shout. She and I also going to try and make Friday show, and they so that's very very good from cliff Churkin who's a licensed tour guide in Jerusalem. I see the Tony still having problems understanding the whole electricity thing as an educator. This bothers me. So let's take a different approach step on by kite step to wait for the thunderstorms. Three fly. The kite into the clouds and tie key to the end of the string step forward. Lightning hits the kite have solicit grab the case. Step six have solicit plug four kin to get and step seventy s Chris to compare and contrast does the solicitor get crushed the most of all of your guests because Lucas on as often as we. Per capita. The morning news anchor in Macon, Georgia. I was so excited when Gary educated us that Canada geese are not named after the country of Canada. But after their discover blank, can I was wrong. I fear the news the my TV audience down here in middle Georgia. My shock when I found out how incredibly uninformed area actually turns out seventeen fifty eight Swedish taxonomic curry Lineas referred to the birds honest Kamate candidates, an early version of the now accepted scientific name brand account, Dan SIS or black goose of Canada. Thanks, gary. For return information for life. I believe if you listen carefully tape. I may have said or I may have made that. Tiv in Somerville. Massachusetts this summer not ally. If you believe it when my uncle passed away, and I found out.

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