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NPR news Mayan silver in Milwaukee. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that you will lose three billion dollars from the partial federal government shutdown. The office says individual businesses and workers will suffer especially those who lost pay during the five week hiatus. President Trump's economic adviser. Larry cudlow rejected the CBO report. He says that it is a small fraction of the twenty trillion. Dollar US economy. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. This is WNYC from New York. I'm Richard Hake. Good morning. It's eight oh, four twenty nine degrees. Overcast, we do expect some rain, and then some snow later tonight. An estimated ten thousand immigration cases in New York had been delayed due to the partial federal government shutdown rescheduling those cases can be especially stressful for immigrants seeking asylum. But as WNYC's Beth Fertig says a delay case could be an advantage for other immigrants who had long odds of winning in court if their trials get delayed until let's say twenty twenty or later there may be a new president with new immigration policies. So that could help someone who has a difficult case now because of the Trump administration's policies those include immigrants hoping to win asylum based on claims they fled domestic violence or gangs in their native countries. Two scenarios that the current administration does not consider grounds for asylum. Advocates say it shouldn't be just high-profile refugees who get waivers from the Trump travel ban three act. Is in New York player among the well publicized applicants from van countries who've been led into the US, but Betsy Fisher from the international refugee assistance project says many lesser known people have been turned away in an opaque process. You shouldn't have to have celebrity to be free from discrimination that that shouldn't be part of the process, and that level of arbitrariness really shows how this ban is a mockery of the rule of law. Fischer says the Trump administration hasn't explained how people can apply and hasn't disclosed how many have been leading in or turned away after more than a decade of trying advocates for survivors of childhood sexual abuse succeeded in getting a Bill passed in Albany. That'll make it easier for victims to seek Justice the child victims act passed the democrat controlled Senate and assembly yesterday, the daily news Albany bureau chief can love it says for years groups, including the Catholic church in the boy scouts of America. Pressured members of both parties to block the Bill there were powerful interest groups who were against this. And and I think that played a huge role and that said. You know, a lot of victims. Let's be honest. They can't afford high-powered lobbyists. The measure now goes to governor Cuomo who said he intends to sign him. The New York legislature is set to expand the state's gun control laws today. At least eight bills are expected to pass the democrat controlled assembly and Senate include measures like a ban on bump stocks longer waiting periods for some buyers and a law permitting. Authorities to confiscate a household firearms. If someone living there is deemed to be a threat. New York City council speaker Cory Johnson might be interested in running for mayor after all. And now, he's making sure the optics of his fundraising records, right? The democrat from Chelsea said yesterday that he's no longer accepting donations over two hundred fifty dollars and no money at all from real estate, developers lobbyists or corporate political action committees. If I decide to run if for some reason it worked out for me. No one's going to have a huge level of influence with me. The mayoral election is in the fall of twenty twenty one. We do expect rain later today..

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