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To swing on and look to right field. There is a base hit Conforto feels here comes talk, man. Here comes the throw, and he is saying Ballgame over Yankees win Ah Yankees win you should do is amazing. That is even sweat that out in Calcutta. Wilson Ramos. I mean his arm be two centimeters longer to maybe try to grab talk when they're as Ah As could foretell, mate. A nice throw. Congratulations, Joanne. That was the turning point. And obviously that was a massive massive moment of the game was the winning moment of the game, and we'll have another Yankees turning point up in the next hour. More of your phone calls got you guys on Twitter as well at Mmm W. F a A and we're asking what was your biggest takeaway from the weekend of the subway? Siri's You guys can watch us on twitch that TV slash w F A N And of course, you can always listen to us on radio dot com Best most Maggie podcast every single day. Your phone calls next, and we unpacked Mohr from the Subway series, including Davy Garcia in his major league debut, and, of course, Aaron Boone and some of his decisions from the weekend how that is boomerang back on the Yankee fans at your expectation of Boone. In that Siri's and moving forward. Don't go anywhere. It's Moussa Baggy. Right here. Look. Psycho presents quick ways to change your life. The days are getting shorter, and you can feel it in the air. Yes, it's that time of year. Pumpkin is finally back A Duncan. It's the cozy You've been craving all summer..

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