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The NFL in the force that Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in the history of the NFL and. Reversal statement there. I think it's broken saying he's the best player in the history of the NFL. It's tough with different positions basketball. You can kind of make that. Case that okay. Let's let's compare Michael Jordan. Lebron James one was a shooting guard rooms a small four, but those lines blurred at this point they were barrel doing the same things in the court. Playing. Both ends of the object is the same thing. Yeah. You score you pal. It's hard to say definitively in football because they all have different running. Compare Tom Brady to Lawrence Taylor. You can't. So how do you compare Tom Brady to Jim Brown? I mean, there's there's probably about a half a dozen people. I would throw into that conversation. If I was going to pick one quarterback. Yeah. It'd be Brady, and then unite and again, I know I sound like the old guy here. But it was just a different time in United's played called his own plays. You could beat the hell out of quarterbacks. You know, not like today, they protected wide receivers could not run their routes. They'd get manhandled by defensive back. So it was it was a different time. But I always equated as the Super Bowl era. Starting forty nine years ago a fifty three years ago actually that. Yeah, he's the best quarterback of the Super Bowl era. And I think the bell checks the greatest coach of the Super Bowl era. I do think Lombardi and Paul Browner into the discussion. So that's the way I've always painted it. So yeah. But how do you compare Tom Brady to Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice and Jim Brown? Those are like the four names that I would throw out there. I like these are the four greatest players ever greatest quarterback wide receiver running back and just a guy on defense who just caused all sorts of problems. I know they wanted to throw Dion Sanders in the I could make a case I've seen better Cornerbacks than. Yeah. I wouldn't say he's the best cornerback you take into account him as a full football player because of his his return game that would be an extra bonus. But still it's not just as a pure cornerback. Now been better. I mean, he's one of the best. But yeah, I think the real reebus was everybody's good. Brian not quite I guys that I saw since I'm older like my canes. We played here was great. And I think that. L blunt who played on those Steelers teams was just six foot. Three mentioned a six foot three two hundred twenty pound cornerback forty years ago. I mean, he just used a manhandled can't Bailey dynamite as well. So, but the four names that come Lawrence Taylor was the most destructive player in history of the NFL from the defensive standpoint because offensive coordinators they would formulate their game plan to just try to deal with him. Yeah. Is there anybody else that you would say close Sam there's some defensive lineman. Reggie white. Reggie White was phenomenal. I Louis Ray Lewis next level down. You know, a great player great player. But Lawrence Taylor was just like six four nobody in the discussion. Hash rushing ability, and then he'd drop into coverage. Google highlights. He pick a ball off his own goal. Line return a hundred yards. I mean, he's just a freak. So you're saying no equal on defense guys break one guy as far as quarterback, Jerry Rice's numbers are just ridiculous. Nobody's I think that's the the biggest gap between him and whoever the next guy is at wide receiver. I mean, that's not even done Hudson who played like centuries ago numbers that were ridiculous. Cups size. No. And then Jim Brown to me is I think Jim Brown's the greatest player ever, he dominated more. So than any other player. He led the league in rushing eight out of nine years that he played he averaged five and a half yards per carry. He just man. I mean, just look at the highlights a him. He'd literally was a man playing against boys. But what Kraft Hussein does make sense though, because the quarterback still has more impact? Especially the way the league any other position in sports. Right. He doesn't play defense. But when your offense is on the field. He has more say in what you do than any other position in if it's the most maybe a pitcher, but then the pitcher pitches every five days, right? So it's the most important position ever at that position. I'd say it's a very strong case to make. So I totally get with crafts saying, and then he gets into salary cap era, which is a very valid point to maybe more so in Belgium favor than than in. Tom Brady's the team around him by having the deal with free agency. Which again, like I said a million times the Steelers won four Super Bowls in sixty San guy just like rolling back. You couldn't touch the Steelers players. They were stuck there. That says the Celtics one eight eight in a row row in eleven eleven. With the same team virtually Bill Russell Cousy can't do that anymore behind Senate Havlicek. No. I mean, unless Golden State keeps this academic off that many hospitals impossible. So yeah, I think he he makes gala points their bell. Check to me with the coaching part of it. There's a lot of other great coaches in the Super Bowl era. Bill walsh. Chuck knoll Knowle's four Super Bowls as well. History. Joe Gibbs won three Superbowls with three totally different quarterbacks that none of them are in the hall of fame, but Lombardi and Paul Brown. Those are the three guys Lombardi, Paul Brown and battlefield checks surpassed his mentor in parcels, great coaches. Well, yeah. But he's semi surpassed him Super Bowls. That's you know, he's got one for any get their eight times to the show eight times. So if they win Sunday, it's a nine time. So I just think that what we're seeing here is the longevity especially with the quarterback. You know, it's just it doesn't make sense. How here's a guy who was drafted in two thousand is played nineteen years and is still. Boston Herald news now, I'm lexie Cohen..

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