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We I just both the stories are a little fresher everything seems a bit more exciting. I don't I'm not interested in seeing the patriots. I'm going to predict the patriots win and just for fun. I'm going to predict that they win twenty two seventeen which was the score of the first Rams patriots. Completion of the circle replacing the Super Bowl Tom Brady can go in and do something different. But I just wanted to see the chiefs against the saints, especially, you know, it just feels like a more exciting younger more fun. I mean, let's not we can dance around it all we want. It's not it's not. Bitterness tamposi Ricky Hollywood. Producer of the podcast said, oh, you're going to cry about the patriots. I'm sad that the patriots won. It's just like booed of it. We've seen it. We did have been nice for those chiefs people who as I always say the jets fans, they get they get our sympathies but not the chiefs fans who are only one year closer. I mean, the jets one three and the chiefs one Super Bowl four and then in bag just as what you know heartbreaking. They went to overtime at home when they had to watch Tom Brady drive down the field. And there there he was going to happen. And the thing that like right now, I can tell you Bill Belichick because what he does is. He sits in his in his office. He closes the door. And he's like what can I get angry about that's going to motivate me. And so everything about this. The next two weeks from the media standpoint is going to be Bilbo jet versus the new young that's going to annoy Bill check so much idea. The McVay is going to be positioned as. As the new bell. Check in his can he out think the Bolsheviks could put something together. And just, but it's a funny. So funny like yin and Yang puzzled that kind of fits together with that. Because like David Carr, and I were talking about, you know, if the like it, but this is this is what the Super Bowl is going to come down to is Bill Belichick the old guy versus shop, the young guy. But ballot check as the young offensive innovator, and Sean McVeigh has the old always Nater, and it's all fits together. And it has it has much less to do with any of the players that are out there. Yeah. I'm always in these big games. People will focus on the things that both teams a good. In other words, the Rams offense. No, the thinking he can do and the and the patriots defense and everything that bell Jack brings to that. And I always think the games inevitably hinge on the opposite of that. It's like, okay, great. We know your offense is really good. We know your defense. Really good Rams. Can you? No defense. Be can you continue to stop the run you have clear, and then and then obviously the patriots offense sounds ridiculous talking about that not being good enough with Tom Brady that but that's the bit that needs to put it together. I think you and I are. Great samples for all the young people out there, younger fashion. Eliza. We're pros pros that we've been able to talk about important football related matters. But now about you and me we're going to be in Atlanta, Georgia, we often we often break bread together. We definitely should do. And I was wondering, you know, Matt money Smith is not joining us this year for the first time zones. He's usually our third great loss. You're not gonna have him with us. So what are we gonna? I first thing. Air travels a little bit. I don't know what right now like long lines, everything should we right now the side that you may and whoever else wants in is going to jump in a car and do that in the hunt. Would you really do? I love. I love dry when you wrote. Oh my God. Yeah. I would definitely know who we would bring. Okay. It's going to be a big comb. Maurice? Yeah. He brings all the snacks. I I was gonna say like all right? That's the Eddie Eddie and Emma come along as well. I think we from Eddie and then MAURICE for thick cost as well. I have a room. So he's gotta be crashing on your floors me. Is that right? Because it is. That's right. Actually, the Super Bowl in New Yorker. Whenever was when you had a if you're English blokes with you..

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