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For us Gavin Allen next week is it next. I don't remember. We have an extra week. We have an official start date. Actually, we actually literally a contract. So there's a there isn't official start eight. And then then from then on for the next twelve weeks. We'll be doing it. So be super fun and a great way to interact with listeners and things like that. Yes. And today, it's very classy day here because it shows of sunset day the classiest day of the week. Oh, SARS Char's. Charlotte us arms third. Yeah. Let me just bring up my notes here. Ronnie, you would think that'd be organized. Oh, good. I'm looking at my note. The the first thing we see on the latest episode of shahs of sunset is a full on close up of Mike driving and licking his lips. It was like. Intense. Yeah. I put Mike sticking tongue out in car. Yeah. Like these are things. This is not how you open a show. It's not you pull us in. We don't need a close up of Mike going like little. Close up, you know, looking at his coke notes in the mirror to drive his car and about to properly kill pedestrians in that thing. Nothing is huge. This cannot be said enough people with these giant cars cut your crap. You're probably the same people who marched in the streets for me to get rid of my straws. Yeah. Was I. What was I telling you that? I saw a g wagon on giant giant wheels. The other day, I telling you that the they have like new eels. Yes. Not big enough. You know, what people you're not? You're not you're okay. You're not tamra Barney flipping things over in Glamis dunes. Okay. You're driving down Martell avenue. Okay. So just relax. Good luck. Finding parking and trader Joe's. Yeah. Hey, thanks for taking up three spots because you know, like on parking perfectly with those cars takes up two spots. But you know, these douche bags do a whole diagonal thing. And it's like three three four on spots. Yep. And then some keys and then. Yeah. And then and then they get mad when a shopping cart accidentally just like rolls into them and gives it like not even a real ding accidentally. I mean avenue times have you seen one of those big cars with tons of shopping carts. Have that's the world. I wanna live in where people just like fuck that car. You know, what I'm not going to advocate violence. Okay. Because then people are going to do that. And then I'm getting blamed for the end. Yeah. But I advocate giving nasty glares towards like mice. It's a formal complaint to us like I had this beautiful car on giant wheels. And now it's like lots of things because people are sending their their carts into them. That was my phone. I apologize. You guys. Didn't get an Email. I did. So anyway. Yeah. So big cars. Stupid people always picking up Raza. And if his if his if his gigantic car doesn't make you think he's fly that and let's just listen to them talk K as it's like what? And then Mike what up what up what up lit up? Like, oh, God UT again. You're you're both twenty-five rolling around sunset your God giant car. Okay. I am sue St. Luke have street. I am bits be like I lost forty pounds. But I gained a hundred and thirty tons of new car to sit in. But up. Let's listen to an MFA. Okay. So this is this is where the sicko I am. So they go up to see Mike's duplex or apartment building. Or whatever the hell it is that he's bought this property shy. Yes. I looked at the dry cleaning sign them. I had and then looked it up on Google maps. Because as I think I knew there because I did I live in little mini. Okay. Yeah. A where everybody talks like Ramona. Yeah. Want some yellow rice would you list? Would you like some pita bread? Okay. Did you like kaffa combat swore? He so I looked it up. And I was like, wow. This just makes people wanna live at Mike's place even more because it's like one star on on case. It's like the worst dry cleaner ever. And. Yeah, it doesn't look like a very fun block. But there is a church across the street isn't Bill which would where is it? When I looked at it..

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