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The excluding accessories, it was. It was like this fabulous candy colored dream, you know. And it was such a weird thing to see it. I mean, the models will wearing like Jason voorhees mosques like Friday, the thirteenth, mosques, but done in sort of kind of like one was melting ice cream. Cone. So imagine the good humor man and Jason voorhees having a sort of juke out at the holiday camp, Jason killed all the teenagers and this this weird combination Makarov combination of. Light and heavy and it just. Yeah, and and I'm sure. I mean, he's he's, he's just it just was a very, very badly misjudged moment and he was taken to task for it. I mean there. The talking what I said before about being a season where more than ever women's issues were to the fore and books of me too, and times out and and a sense set that certain things have been going on for too long and need to be needs to be a reckoning. And so on. That. That will. Completely lost my train derailed. That's okay. I've one last question because we haven't talked much about young designers. I mean, London used to be seen as the hot spot for young creativity fashion, something that the city has owned for to better part of a decade or longer. What would young designers made a Mark for you? This season anywhere anywhere anyway. Will it sort of begins in London always for me, and I saw. The Mattie Boven show, and I know that he's he's kind of the anointed is the protege of k. grand. I think everybody's the annoying. You know, there's always, there's always that. Untrammelled creativity. There's always the guy who stands for no limits. And you know, komo's be damned like last season was incredible. Stephen Jones hats with the with the balloons in the nets. It was. It had that it was joyous, you know, actually, that's what I really really responded to. I found I found the joy, joyous collections were the ones that would which of course is reflective of the world at large. You want uplift. And they were the, it was a collection with so it so. Energized and colorful. It's actually was quite. Colorful season. And I would say we're talking about young designers, but Maddy Boven was somebody who I think you know what, Charles Jeffrey who shows during the men's, and I think they're good counterpoint. Think this threat of London that will never die. The three that feeds London and will sit at feeds the whole world of fashion. What about marine Seren shack? Muc- both showed early in para. Yeah. And who was sort of the new face of French fashion. Marine comes out of the vet mall philosophy of very, very committed to up cycling and she were down now? Yes, she did. She did very, very, very committed to making fashion relevant relevant relevance is as I was saying to you before, and we've being through the period of. Disruption, and then we went through the period of authenticity where everything was disruptive or Zantac and now I think the would that more and more I hear is relevance. Of course, it's such a challenge. Well, it it means that I suppose in in the age of me to its relevance is is this combination of appropriate and. An. I would say. Uplifting. Timeliness obviously is, is, is critical. I think opinion is really, really important. But I think relevance to me is not just. Pointing out the problem. It's indicating a possible solution also feels like those designers who continue to design in a little separated from what's going on in the world seem increasingly out of step, you know. So for Tom Brown, for example, to decide to stage a show the way he states shown regardless on how beautiful and well constructed and created those clothes were well-conceived those who are they didn't have. It wasn't well received because it wasn't relevant for well, we'll experience that was. It was interesting because I could almost contradict myself here, but rob Robin Gazon. Right? A very good piece in the Washington Post about the Alexander McQueen show where, again, gang that said thing where you just you just transported by the beauty and the work and the detail and and Sarah Burton had the most amazing. Beautiful back story of the collection. Now Rodman just says, who's going to wear those clothes? What's the relevance of them? And to me, I mean, I found that show just so gorgeous and it's true..

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