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I liked it just so much because it's got some of the best flying. I love anything to do with Lisa but also Paul McCartney then Beatles are the best game worlds. She say a little bit about all those things. I will take credit for the theme of the episode. I remember number At Lunch Wendy I screw on the back of a script they wrote. Lisa becomes a vegetarian question. Mark and I showed it to this other writer Brent Forrester. Have you had less boy in storyteller. Yeah you gotta get Brenton here. He is he won't say anything but it'd be so entertaining him come in. We won't even arrived anyway but he gave me like the thumbs up or something and that was started that I remember that the the main origin of that is that we spent so much of the day. The Simpsons thinking about food and eating like you come in the morning we would sir. You know ten something ten ten thirty which is standard TV attack and then work too late. You know until way after dinner whatever but the first thing we would do is order lunch so it's like come in all right first order of business order lunch where we going for you you know. And they don't want anyone to leave the lot because that would take way too much time so you eat lunch in the writer's room and so that you don't get a break from these people ever really But a lot of time thinking about food and of course. I'm sitting there looking at food and there were Vegetarians and the staff. I wasn't now I tried to be like parched. Sometimes cheering the individual meals vegetarian ruling out certain times kinds of tight. Try to my. My theory is generally speaking on that subject. If everyone can go part way there to stars that would be a huge admit. I'm not a vegetarian but I'm always impressed by Vegetarians. I wish I could be. You've inspired. Holy People Jackie Johnson. Our guest for that episode became vegetarian and then later Vegan because the episode and I will say David Murky and was running the show at that time and he was not a vegetarian and he has subsequently become outspoken vegetarian. I don't know if the subject matter of that got him interest interest. He was very enthusiastic enthusiastic about the episode. He was the one who he was. He's huge music especially Beatles fan and so he's the one who thought to get Paul McCartney involved and he flew to England to record Paul McCartney at some undisclosed location very exciting. And I don't remember the exact name but he he quoted something to me where Paul McCartney had used my name in a sentence that was my the degree of via need one way interaction with Paul McCartney but anyway but it was that was his dave emergency. It'd get him involved so all credit to him. I believe that if you don't win friends with salad so a wow line that spawned million tattoos go places and then especially with the political climate go back to Russia is one. That is so after that the treehouse of horror. Six In this one year credits as the square root of David S Cohen. Oh Yeah we didn't mention everyone already knows but just in case you somehow missed it on the simpsons you went by David s and then because the WG a change It became David exe and I'm sure you've expanded a billion times but it was Sifi sounding rounding and it made you stand out more than the David S. That was already signed up when we finally did get it represented by the Union. There was already a David s Cohen. They they won't allow to people with the same name in the union because it's confusing so yes X. Because X. is cool. That's my math background a lot of times. People wrongly wrongly. You did not fall into this trap but people rungs. I heard it was because it looks like David Times Cohen and that actually never thought until People Times Cohen Equal hilarious doesn't have to take a little break Friendly fire is a podcast about war movies. But it's so much more than its history which is supposed to be another assignment..

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