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Button still works Yes I believe I see girl for me if I need a plane right now Oh okay good You did Good job Okay Okay please not this week when I'll come Chris is on vacation All right Yes during the January 6th riot Trump attorney told Pence the vice president's inaction caused the attack on the capital That snake trying to snake out of this whole thing John eastman right Going oh this is my memo was crazy It was just an idea I didn't attack on the capitol That snake trying to snake out of this whole thing John eastman right Going oh it's my memo was crazy It was just an idea I didn't know he very explicitly at every step of this was trying to find a way right Yeah Overthrow the United States government in a free and fair election Our friend Barbara Quaid says I agree with chuck Rosenberg charging Bannon with contempt will not make him testify but it will make him an example Prosecution is necessary to protect the substantial federal interest of congressional subpoenas Thank you TikTok man Tick ing talk What is going on with Steve Bannon And by the way if they don't arrest him we shouldn't at least Glen kershner told us Friday We should go forward with inherent contempt I mean okay All right okay Let me just The president tweeted nearly 2 million women in America are not working today because they can't afford child care A build back better framework will help working Working families by ensuring nearly all middle class families will pay no more than 7% of their income on child care Just that piece do you know how huge that is Yes I just okay I can't say enough about that we just were not hearing enough about what's in this bill right And then they go oh I don't get why the president's approval ratings are bled blah blah How about this one mainstream media This is on Friday Would smoke free tweets Rachel mad reports that Durham and bar intentionally ignored emails that prove Trump was in direct communication with the Russian alpha bank A covert communication channel existed during the 2016 pin campaign that Barr and Durham knew was real but that they covered up boomerang Thank you Have you seen that anywhere else since Rachel reported it on Friday No That whole story was true A Durham is investigating nonsense and should be investigating himself at this point Yes Right Okay and Jim Acosta Trump wants to keep secret handling memos from his chief of staff about January 6th call logs of then president and former vice president Mike Pence and White House visitor records secret What do you think that means Travis do you think there's a whole bunch a whole boatload of incriminating stuff in all of that Yes That ended you also see that Kelly McEnany's press briefing folder Oh yeah It's so secret Yeah We're talking points to go to the press but she can't reveal what's in them Right Right Yes I'm sure there's nothing more to see here Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany She's complicit in this as well Yes exactly By the way mainstream media fail again Shannon watts tweeted new the gunman who killed two people and wounded 5 others in a Boise mall was a far right extremist who would express animus toward Latinos and other minorities and who carried a gun into the Idaho governor's office and was armed at a local protest Have you heard that anywhere in the media No I swear to God it's just we have had one mass shooter after another echo Trump and or right wing talking points and they just continue they're afraid to say we have a massive right wing terrorism problem in this country And it just okay I don't know why it gets memory hold but all right 48 minutes after the hour Are we still An eerie feeling that we don't know that we didn't hit the dump button because I'm just hoping because that would suck You know what I'm saying All right All right potty mouth potty mouth horror.

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