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At 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. 1145, George Wallace. What did we learn after yesterday's debacle? He learned that you're one in four. That's really what you've learned. You are what your record says you are. Oh, my. Right now, this team is one and four. After a loss of fourth grade loss losing the Titans yesterday, Carson Wentz with that interception 6 seconds left as some time mismanagement and time clock mismanagement again yesterday. Defense played okay. We gave up a couple of big plays, but kept them in the game. Washington should have won it. They end up losing. Now Ron Rivera and the team get to go to the bears on a short week. What's planned? Monday we'll get a sharp opportunity to watch tape real quick as coaches. We've already done a little bit of work on Chicago as far as just putting some basic stuff together. Bring the players in it to o'clock and we'll start on Chicago from that point on. And it'll be a traveling on Wednesday and play the bears Thursday night. Now, if you lose to the bears on Thursday, you're one in 5 with kind of like a mini buy coming up. I would expect there may be some changes coming. If that's the case, if they lose on Thursday. What do you think those changes might be? It could be anything. Personnel could be coaches. All right, I don't know. You have to shake something up. Yes. I keep saying there's a lot of football left, which is true. But at some point it's going to get late very quickly. Yes. All right. Getting late early. It's got late early, yes. And it did for the Panthers Matt rule as he was fired today. 11th loss in 12 games, Panthers losing yesterday to the niners. 11 and 27 during his ten year Steve Wilkes will take over now. He coached Arizona Cardinals for a year ravens get they went over the bangles last night as Justin Tucker with a field goal. As time expired baseball Padres eliminate the mets, get the Dodgers next door to Wallace to be TLB sports

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