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Face to. I'm obsessed with my cuticle 's. So I always always have cuticle oil with me because I just feel like with the weather. It's dry moving your hands around all the time. You're touching stuff. We could both use cuticle oil my glove. I'm being honest. I'm really obsessed with ESI right now. So I like an SE cuticle in my purse that I use and then Rosebud lip salve or Chanel lip balm. Because I hate a chaplain hate a chaplain. Okay. So let's get into morning routines. I am obsessed with morning routines. I ask everyone that comes on the show about them. And I have my own very anal annoying routine. That is not involve you, Michael. What are you gonna share this morning routine? I at light movement hydration, meditation, and then fiber coffee, and a workout like I have to get these things in part one part one. Then it goes on I need like I'd love like tangerine oil diffusing in my house from being honest, perhaps the candle maybe like right now, I'm really really loving. What's that candle that pre blue I love their volcano. And then I like like a vibe in the house like maybe some Boston Nova. I'm specific about my mornings. So I wanna know your routine gosh, I talked to talk to three I love it. We need to come over the when you're when you can come over to you know, he'll be there. Glam squad will be there. I'll be right at work. So I get up really really early probably about between five thirty and six AM. Our glam squad offices are based in New York. So it's already nine o'clock in the morning there. So the first thing I do is so sad. When I wake up in the warning is I check my Email. I do I do I need to know. If I missed anything over the evening, I need to make sure that I'm on top of whatever is happening in the morning. So I do that. And then I check my CNN app. Make sure I haven't missed any worldly news while I've been my eight hours slumber, I have to have coffee, I let out the dogs, and then I had to the gym. And I don't feel like a human till I've had my coffee and worked out, and then what's your workout at the gym? So I train at rise movement. Jason Walsh who I love. He's a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, he really got his degree in physiology. So he really knows the body. So we do you know, it's like circuit training. There's like cardio and weights and all different types of fun things that are, you know? Well beyond me to be able to articulate, but it's working, and I feel for thirty three. I'm looking pretty good. You're looking great. You're kidding slowing. Like, you're looking Great Lakes. Anything you do nightly. Well, I drink a bottle of water before I go to bed, and I take off my makeup, those are two non-negotiables. Right. I think so. So do I. Okay. So is there something a trick? I know you work with your husband a lot is there. A trick of working with your husband because sometimes it can be rather difficult. You guys work together far more closely than Jesse and I work together. So show just on the show. Okay. So you know, we've been together for twelve years. Yeah. My fiance, and I have been together for twelve you have to tell us how you met like give us the whole background on that. So he was working on a television show called desperate housewives back in the day. My roommate at the time was hot Gardner. Yeah. Okay. So my roommate not the time was also working on the show and he set us up..

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