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Joe Biden had better watch his back the trump campaign is reportedly planning to launch a one million dollar advertising attack on his democratic rival after Biden made this comment during an interview Friday on the syndicated radio show the breakfast club if you have a problem figuring out what you're for mayor trump and you ain't black since that comment the trump campaign's been attacking Biden Ford on social media the former vice president did apologize for the remark remark a few hours later during a call with black business leaders he said he shouldn't have been called a wise guy and insisted he does not take black voters for granted a former U. S. presidents and their families are in mourning after a loyal and popular White House employee who served eleven administrations passed away this week following a battle with the coronavirus Wilson Roosevelt German died of cold it last Saturday at the age of ninety one according to his family he started at the White House under president Eisenhower was promoted to Butler under president Kennedy held other positions along the way finally retiring under president Obama tributes poured in former First Lady Michelle Obama said with his kindness and care Wilson German help to make the White House home for decades the first families including ours Hillary Clinton tweeted our warmest condolences to his loved ones I'm Julie Walker well the day basketball fans have been waiting for might finally be in the works the NBA is in talks with Disney to resume the basketball season at Disney world the leak would hold all games at one location Disney's ESPN wide world of sports complex on the site would also be used for practices and housing for the athletes an NBA spokesman would say only that the talks are still Exploratorium protections would have to be in place but they're reportedly looking at late July for start date the NBA was the first major American pro sports league to suspend its season back in March after some players tested positive for the corona.

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